Dietary supplements what to expect


A dietary intake in general is a enhancer for the health which is already in a good condition. There are dietary supplements available for almost every body functions. From a hair growth supplement to that of the nerves stimulation, tons and tons of supplements are available. There are also herbal dietary supplements which have herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris, ginger and even cinnamon as major ingredients.

How to identify the supplement?

Based on the ingredients and test they undergone, these supplements are categorised into various types. The most popular being the semi synthetic and herbal dietary supplements. So, the identification of the supplements can be done simple.

  • Ask the physician.
  • Read from the leaflet available.
  • Compare the ingredient composition.

Available supplements:-

Dietary supplements are the oral formula of the nutrients that are needed for the body’s improvement. This includes:

  • Amino acids.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Phyto nutritions.

And much more.

Benefits of dietary supplements:-

The first and foremost benefit of the dietary supplement is to provide the missed nutrition to the body, which are usually available from a balanced diet. No, they are not an alternation for medicines. They are more like a push to the lacking start ups.

Risks involved in taking supplements:-

As long as the consumer is following the instructions and dosage recommended by the manufacturer, there is minimal risk factors. When it is a herbal dietary supplement the risk factor is zero, which makes it consumers choice. Even the bodybuilders are moving to the herbal dietary supplements which contains ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris.

Dosage :-

When it comes to the intake of the dietary supplements, it is wise to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The dosage level will be mainly determined by the weight of the tablets. In most of the case it will be a maximum of one – two tablets and once or twice a day. Again it solely depands on the manufacturer. To know more

Special cases:-

The above said things are for the normal people. But when it comes to children or old-age people it is good to consult a physician.

For pregnant women:-

When it comes to the pregnant women, even extra care should be needed. It is best to follow the balanced diet, if not possible then go for a herbal dietary supplement and that too under the supervision of the physician.