10 Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery Tips


Regardless of the reasons a patient may have tummy tuck surgery, the procedure involves making incisions in the abdominal wall. These will be deep enough to leave some scarring, but surgeons will try to minimize the amount of scarring. They will also advise patients on recovery regimes to help in the healing process. Following that advice will also help reduce scarring. The ensuing 10 tips will help you make the fastest recovery.

  1. Follow the medical staff’s advice to the letter. This is the most important factor in ensuring your recovery goes well. Medical staff will have dealt with thousands of patients who have had similar procedures.They know what works best. Consider their advice as being the very best there is and stick to it.
  1. Make you sure you attend scheduled post-operative consultations. Any wound is prone to infection, and other post-operative complications are possible. The longer these are left untreated, the more damage they will do. If there are any issues, your medical staff will be able to nip them in the bud as soon as they crop up.
  1. Call your surgeon’s office if you notice anything unusual or you think you might have a problem. Should this happen, do not postpone getting in touch just because you have a scheduled appointment in the near future.
  1. Go to your nearest emergency room if you notice any excessive bleeding, or if you experience any increase in pain.
  1. Avoid strenuous physical activity. This may mean staying away from work until you are fully recovered. Do not be tempted to return too early.
  1. Do not skip any exercises you have been advised to take.
  1. Do not skip taking any medication you have been given. Make sure you finish any course you have been given, and follow dosage instructions.
  1. Carefully follow any hygiene instructions such as keeping the wound dry.
  1. While you may feel quite sore in the immediate aftermath of your surgery, you should still try to get some light exercise. It’s better to do some walking than to lie around all day.
  1. Make sure you wear any support garments that your surgeon has recommended. Keep wearing them for the prescribed period.

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