11 Different Ways of Smoking Marihuana


You may have wondered, which is the best way to smoke weed?

Well, the right answer for that is that it depends on the preferences of the smoker.

Each person has different kinds of experiences when consuming marihuana.

Not all of us expect the same sensation from it.

But, the thing is that…

The method we’ve chosen to smoke it has a real big influence on the experience it can give us.

The first thing you should keep in mind the experience you want the weed to produce in you.

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Here are a few ways to smoke weed:

1) Joints

Surely this is the way most people have tried marijuana for the first time.

2) Pipes

This system is the second most used. You can load a pipe on any side, they are not too expensive and there are very cool ones.

3) Water pipes or Bongs

This is a good intermediate method between the classic pipes and the bong, which allows water to be filtered. You can easily get them on a smoke shop.

4) Gravity bongs

This method is ideal to get a sudden high. You will have to make a good plug that requires certain skills, but once you have it, it will last you forever.

5) Cigars

Another method to consume marijuana, similar to the joints of all life, are those that are wrapped with tobacco.

6) Hot knives

This method consists of heating two spreading knives, catching a bud between them and sucking smoke.

7) Plastic Bottles

This homemade method, although quite seedy, is very effective. You must be careful because of the high risk of hyperventilation and fainting though.

8) Vaporizers

Vaporizers are reputed to be the best way to consume marijuana. Not only eliminate up to 95% of carcinogenic substances but the taste you will feel is incomparable.

9) Topical Solutions

This method is not too common since it is not used to achieve a cerebral effect, but is applied for therapeutic purposes.

10) Tinctures

These are another method of consuming marijuana without breathing burnt vegetable waste.

11) Food

This way of consuming marijuana is much known and so cool (if you ask me).

There are a lot of desserts and drinks that can be prepared directly with cannabis products previously made as marihuana butter or marihuana olive oil.

Although the effect takes time to be noticed, it is much more intense and lasting than when you smoke!

You should try them and see which one you like better!