3 Natural Ways To Relieve Back Pain


It may be due to an old sports injury, being overweight, or years of working in an office hunched over a computer, but if you ask most people they have some sort of back pain. Back pain can be either a minor pinch in your back or make it to the point where basic movement can be incredibly painful. Anyone who suffers from back pain wants relief. For those of us who have backaches but don’t want to treat it with prescription pain medications, here are 3 natural ways to relieve back pain.


Exercise is probably one of the best ways to improve back pain. For those who have back pain due to excessive weight, exercise will allow you to shed those pounds which will greatly improve any back issues associated with weight. For those who have back pain due to injury or lack of back muscles, exercise can help with back strength and build those muscles so they are stronger (yoga is known for improving posture and increasing back strength). If you want some guidance, there are some great exercises designed to specifically end back pain that you can try. Starting a workout routine will help strengthen your back in no time.


An ancient Chinese method, acupuncture has been known for centuries to help with many ailments, one of them being back pain. If you don’t have a fear of needles and want to attack back pain a natural way, scheduling an appointment for acupuncture may be for you. How acupuncture works is that practitioners believe that putting needles in certain points of your body allows energy to flow properly and reduces pain and increases health. If the idea of acupuncture seems a little suspect, Daniel Pendick recently wrote an article for Harvard Medical School advising to give acupuncture a try for chronic pain. Pendick points to a study that suggested that acupuncture overall reduced pain by 50%.


The power of touch can be great for relief for those back muscles. Of course, we all love being on those professional massage tables in the good hands of a massage therapist, but there are also some home options you can try as well for massaging problem areas. Using just a tennis ball or foam roller at home and narrowing in on those specific areas of your back that are hurting can help relieve back pain. Work on massaging those tight muscles on a regular basis to help with back pain.

For natural ways to help with back pain remember that you do have options. You may choose to go with exercise, acupuncture, massage or all three to help with any type of back pain that you suffer from.