4 Biggest Reasons That People Suffer From Anxiety


Many people suffer from stress from time.  When the pressure gets high at work or in your personal life, it’s perfectly normal to feel the effects.  However, for some people, anxiety is a part of their daily lives regardless of their circumstances.  There seems to be an ever-present looming tension which can’t be improved regardless of what they do.

It’s not impossible to cure themselves of anxiety with the right tactics, however.  The first step to finding a solution is to identify what your triggers are.  Once you know what’s causing the anxiety, you can move towards an answer.  Here are some of the most common causes of anxiety, and what you can do to move forward.

A Traumatic Experience

Often when people have experienced an extremely traumatic experience, their left with emotional damage.  They may have difficulty dealing with situations rationally or processing difficult circumstances without extreme emotional reactions.

It’s important to seek treatment if you suspect that a challenging event in your past has left you unable to move on emotionally.  Treatment will help diagnose the problem and give you the tools to move forward.  Over time and with enough help from your doctor, you’ll be able to find peace.

Stressful Job

Since most people spend an average of 40 hours a week in the workplace, it can be difficult to process a demanding job.  When the pressure is on all day, it can carry over into your personal life.

People who aren’t able to step away from the stress of the workplace will find that their relationships suffer and their ability to experience joy without guilt can become an issue.  If your job is starting to affect your life overall, you may want to consider changing careers or making the changes necessary for your well-being.

Financial Issues

Even though money can’t buy you happiness, it can significantly affect your well-being if you don’t have enough to cover your basic needs.  When some people experience financial difficulties, they may start to panic about whether they’ll be taken care of or not.

According to a report by SunTrust bank, “Nearly half or 46 percent, of employed Americans said they usually run out of money between paychecks.”  When people who have families to feed, and bills to pay, running out of money becomes a serious matter of survival.


Sometimes people are born into a stressful lifestyle because of their genetics.  Unfortunately, it’s in their body’s chemistry to experience stress at any moment regardless of whether it’s merited or not.  In some cases, their only answer is to take medication to lower their stress levels.

Although there are some natural remedies available, typically stronger medications are the most effective for finding a long-term solution.