4 Skincare Tips For The Active Woman


Skincare habits become more challenging to maintain as our lifestyles become more active. Sadly, not everyone is aware of this or the fact that people who exercise regularly have to work harder to take care of their skin.

Take note of these four important steps for the active woman who wants to keep her skin healthy and youthful:

  1. Wash Up Before You Exercise

Before hitting the treadmill, take the time to clear your face of dirt, oil, and makeup. When we’re sweating, our pores open up and it becomes much easier for particulate matter to enter and cause blockages. Naturally, cleaning the face before engaging in any strenuous activity reduces the risk of unsightly breakouts and other conditions resulting from poor hygiene.

On top of this, it’s never a mistake to invest in products that protect your skin from intrusive elements and environmental hazards like UV rays. Well Within Beauty and other reliable skincare brands have products that feature these kinds of protection on top of cleansing properties –it’s well worth browsing your options the next time you’re planning to spend on self-care.

  1. Go Easy on Your Face

One habit that everyone should do away with is applying excessive pressure or a rough touch to the facial area. It’s a prominent one among the many causes of wrinkles, and can easily lead to germs and bacteria being transferred from your surroundings to your open pores.

Invest in a sweatband to eliminate the need to wipe away sweat in the heat of the workout, and be selective in the organic beauty products you apply throughout the day –the better protected you know you are, the easier it’ll be to resist messing around with your skin.

  1. Moisturize!

We can’t overstate the importance of keeping your skin moisturized. A regular habit of applying moisturizer, apart from preventing unsightly dryness, retains water in the external layers of your epidermis which acts as a buffer zone against harmful environmental factors.

Moisturize immediately after drying off from a bath, and after applying your facial cleanser of choice to keep the body’s natural moisture from evaporating in the heat. This bit of advice should be heeded especially by women who are active in climates with dry heat.

  1. Don’t Lose Sleep Over Fitness

In your efforts to keep up a healthy lifestyle, never forget to clock in seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Sleep deprivation, especially when physically tired, can lead to a host of problems for your complexion ranging from the early development of wrinkles to reducing the effectiveness of the skincare products you spent money and effort to acquire.

Between clocking in those hours at the gym or getting rest after an intense week of productivity, you’re far better off treating yourself to beauty rest –after all, if you can’t even listen to your body’s signals that it’s time to take care of yourself, how could you ever call yourself fit?

Don’t waste the strength and effort it takes to keep active and fit. Take care of your skin the way you would any other vital organ of the body; after all, it’s the largest and most exposed one we’ve got!