4 Things To Do When You Start Suffering an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety Attack

Experiencing an anxiety attack is one of the most jolting experiences that a person can have. If you’ve never suffered from anxiety, then there’s no way to describe it other than your mind is at war with your body.

As you start to feel your heart race and your thoughts pile on top of each other, many people begin to feel overwhelmed by a sensation of dying. Although these feelings aren’t based on reality, it feels real to the person suffering the attack.

It can be challenging to manage thoughts when it feels like something beyond your control is controlling them. However, anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. Follow these tips to regain your composure during an anxiety attack and take back your tranquility.

Put Yourself In a Safe Place

Since an anxiety attack can affect our cognitive ability and even our vision and hearing, it’s important to make sure that you’re in a safe place to prevent suffering an injury.

If you’re driving down the road, be sure to pull over at the nearest place and turn your hazard lights on. Take the time that you need to calm down before starting your vehicle again completely.

The same goes for operating any machinery or electronics. Always make sure that you aren’t able to do any harm to yourself or others before you attempt to push through your attack.

Focus on Your Breathing

One of the most important things that you can do to calm your body down is to breathe consciously and deeply. When you take the time to slow down your breathing, your body and mind will follow.

Take deep inhales and exhales from your stomach. Envision that your stress is leaving your body with each exhale. This meditation is exceptionally effective for calming yourself down in a state of panic.

Repeat a Soothing Mantra

When you’re in a calm state of mind, try to gather several soothing mantras to keep on hand. You can save them on your phone, or memorize them. That way when you start to feel the signs of a panic attack arising, you can begin to repeat a mantra which gives you comfort.

Ideas include “I am safe” “This isn’t real, this is only a temporary state of mind.” You can say anything that you think will work to calm your mind and give you peace.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes it’s as simple as getting up and removing yourself from a situation. Stepping outside to get a breath of fresh air or changing your surroundings can be very useful for calming yourself down.

The change in environment can distract your thoughts from worry and instantly change your symptoms from panic to calm.