5 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing an Egg Donor

Egg Donor

Egg donations have been found to achieve high success rates among all the fertility options, making it a good choice for you if you are viable. West Hollywood egg donation specialists at the California Center for Reproductive Health, can help you understand all about the treatment and if it is suitable for you. The choice of the egg donor is a critical process and one factor you will have to consider as you decide to get fertility treatment. Here are some of the things you should think about when you choose an egg donor.

Do You Want a Known or an Anonymous Egg Donor?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself as you consider egg donations. You need to discuss with your partner if you should ask someone you know, a sibling, other relatives, or a close friend, to give you their egg. You can also consider seeking donations from an egg donor agency, frozen egg bank, or a fertility center. You can opt for a known donor if you want a relationship between your child and the donor. But this will require several considerations and legal advice to define the connection clearly. But if you are going for an anonymous donor, they only have to sign a contract waiving all parental rights.

Check the Medical History and Mental Health

It is a requirement for a donor to undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases, genetic disorders, and HIV and present their family history. It is essential to look at the result carefully and the medical record to understand how it could affect your child. Besides, it would be good to ensure your donor undergoes psychological testing and evaluation. It is also considering the donor’s blood type to see if it is the same as yours or your partner’s. This is to understand if one of you can donate blood to the child if the need arises.

What Is the Donor’s Ethnicity?

It is critical to choose a donor whose characteristics will lead to your child appearing to be your genetic child. Therefore, go for a donor who bears some of your resemblances, such as ethnicity, hair, and eye color. If you choose to go for an anonymous donor from an agency, or an extensive egg donor database, this becomes easier as the donor pools present various ethnicities.

The Donor’s Experience?

You might want to consider if the donor you are considering has had earlier successful donations. This will mean that they have been through the process and know what to expect. It also means that they can respond well to fertility medications increasing the success rate of the entire process. However, many donor agencies and fertility centers encourage donations only a few times, although it is not legally limited to a particular number of times.

Intelligence and Personality

These factors somehow look controversial but are undoubtedly crucial to consider. You may be interested in some personalities, and you might want your child to inherit some from the donor. This will affect your choice as you will have to go for the donors portraying similar personalities. You might get the idea of your donor’s attributes from their profiles.

Choosing an egg donor is not a piece of cake. But with help from experts at California Center for Reproductive Health, you can be advised accordingly to make informed decisions. If you are ready to take this step, book an appointment today or schedule a consultation for more information.