5 Important Questions to Ask When Seeking Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic treatment has gained popularity over the years and is highly sought after. There are various reasons to seek aesthetic treatment. Do you want to achieve younger-looking skin or wish to enhance your facial features? An aesthetic doctor can perform different procedures depending on your desired look. These may include lip fillers, chin fillers, facelift, profhilo, and many more. However, you must understand what the treatment entails and ask the right questions.

Check out essential questions to ask your aesthetic doctor:

1. What do I expect during treatment?

 There are different types of aesthetic treatments offered at Hedox Clinic. Some may seem similar but use different hyaluronic acid fillers. These treatments vary greatly depending on your needs and desires. It’s important to understand the treatment methods and the type of fillers used. This way, it’ll be easy to predict what to expect from the treatment procedure. So, discuss your needs with your doctor and prepare for your therapy to ensure a great experience.

2. Are there things to do before and after treatment?

Aesthetic treatment is personalized to suit your needs. The doctor will discuss what you should do and avoid before and after the treatment. For instance, they may advise that you avoid herbal supplements before a facelift. The doctor will also recommend that you drink lots of fluids and eat smoother foods while avoiding crunchy foods and meats. Ask about this during consultation and abide by the doctor’s guidelines to ensure a successful procedure. 

3. Do you personalize the treatment?

Aesthetic treatments should complement your natural looks. And this is why its tailored to your unique facial traits. For instance, if you wish to look younger, you have endless choices. You can use skin treatments that make your skin glow. You may also have sagging skin and want to rejuvenate your facial features.

 The type of treatment will differ from another person’s needs, and your doctor will choose what’s best suited for you. And this is why your aesthetic treatment should be tailored specifically to you and not anyone else.

 4. Are there possible side effects?

 You should research widely when seeking any cosmetic treatment and the associated side effects, if any. The effects depend on the type of treatment, which can vary from one patient to another. However, you don’t expect major side effects apart from the usual redness, bruising, and swelling at the treatment site.

5. How long do I expect the results to last?

This varies depending on the type of treatment. For instance, hyaluronic acid fillers don’t last forever. And this is beneficial if you might want to change your facial proportions and looks in the future. You may also want to alter your facial features when young but retain them when older. So, discuss this with the service provider to know how long the effects last.

In summary, there are various types of aesthetic procedures, and the doctor will help you choose one to suit your need. Only seek treatment from reputed clinics, and ask all you need to know before treatment.