6 Reasons to See a Specialist More Often If You Are Living with Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in the US owing to people’s sedentary lifestyle habits and childhood obesity. Whether you just discovered you have diabetes or have been living with the condition for many years, seeing a San Pedro diabetes specialist at Harbor Community Health Center can be a good idea. Besides teaching you how to cope with the condition, your doctor can also put you on a suitable treatment plan to manage your condition. Other reasons why you should see a diabetes specialist include:

1. To prove to your primary care provider that you have diabetes

When you have symptoms of diabetes, the first person you will contact is a primary care provider. Since diabetes symptoms may be similar to other conditions, your doctor may refer you to an endocrinologist to determine the real disease. Your doctor can only choose an action plan once a specialist confirms your worst fears.

2. Your regular physician may not have handled diabetes cases before

Being your first point of contact, your regular physician may have never handled diabetes cases in the past. Since your interest comes first, your doctor may refer you to a specialist to conduct blood tests to determine your blood sugar levels.

3. You have a rough time describing what having diabetes feels like

A physician may have a broad understanding of diabetes, its prevalence, and its symptoms. However, not all doctors understand how often symptoms of diabetes occur or how to manage them. Fortunately, a specialist can listen and understand your symptoms because they primarily focus on diabetes. In addition, they have the right tools to test your blood sugar level to make your symptoms more relevant.

4. To get the right educational material on diabetes

Educational materials on diabetes are available online and in medical offices. However, you can’t rely on what you read as the gospel truth. Judging if an article is accurate or biased can be daunting. The right person to offer the right information concerning diabetes is a specialist or a care team. They have the facts at hand, and they have handled similar cases before.

5. Coping with diabetes is affecting your quality of life

Living with diabetes can affect your quality of life in many ways. Prolonged insulin resistance can damage your kidneys, eyes, heart, and even nerves. When it gets to this point, you are likely to experience general weakness, fatigue, and numbness. Over time, diabetes can lead to complications such as hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis. You can avoid all these by seeing a diabetes specialist regularly.

6. Your treatment plan keeps getting rigorous

People living with complex diabetes symptoms need more than three injections per day or use an insulin pump. If this describes you, it would be best to find a reliable specialist to help you keep up with your treatment.

While there is no cure for diabetes, you can still lead a healthy life in the hands of a good diabetes specialist. Always ensure you honor your appointments and follow your doctor’s advice to enjoy your daily routine. For more information concerning diabetes treatment plans, consult your specialist today.