6 Surprising Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose surgery, is among the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. It is a procedure designed to improve your nasal form and function. Most of the patients who have gone through Alexis Furze, MD board-certified otolaryngology in Newport Beach, CA, also experience a boosted confidence and lifted self-esteem. Therefore, rhinoplasty can do you more than just adjust your nasal appearance. Remember, your nose affects your overall appearance, and it can affect how you feel about yourself. Besides, this treatment option can have some surprising benefits, as outlined below.

  1. It Can Improve Your Breathing

Your nose curvature can lead to a severely deviated septum which can block one side of your nose, reducing airflow, causing breathing complications. For whichever reason behind your curvature, it can be corrected through rhinoplasty. While the procedure will change your nose externally, it also reforms the deviation inside, improving your breathing. You will eventually have a beautifully appearing, healthy nose.

  1. Sinus Complications Can Be Solved

Sinusitis is one of the common inflammations of the paranasal sinuses. You can experience pain above your eyebrows or tenderness on your head as a result of frontal sinusitis. You can also experience pain in your upper jaw, cheek, or teeth due to maxillary sinusitis. Besides, you can also experience pain in your eyes and your nose’s sides due to ethmoid sinusitis. All these complications are eliminated once you get the rhinoplasty treatment procedure.

  1. Snoring Can Be Eliminated

Although various factors can be contributing to your snoring behavior, including your sleeping position, it may require a procedure such as a rhinoplasty to eliminate this problem alongside lifestyle changes. Snoring may seem minor and of less concern, but it can have adverse effects on your life, and it can affect your relationships. This is where you find couples having to sleep in different rooms, and you should not be among them. You can get rhinoplasty and say goodbye to this complication.

  1. Your Sleep is Improved

Rhinoplasty manages your snoring complication at night and can stop other sleeping issues that affect the quality of sleep you get. It is suitable for a night of healthy sleep, and sleeping is as essential as exercises and diet for your overall well-being. It means that rhinoplasty can improve the overall quality of your life.

  1. Your Frequency of Upper Respiratory Infections is Reduced

The curvature of your nose can contribute to clogging, making you breathe very often. Besides, nasal congestion has adverse effects on your ears, mainly through the eustachian tube. You may find yourself breathing through the mouth, which can cause changes in your face and mouth structure. As a result, the upper respiratory infection rate can increase, which will be corrected when the inner part of your nose is rectified through rhinoplasty.

  1. A Broken Nose Can Be Reformed

Your nasal bone can be affected during a beating, fall, or an accident causing a fracture. This is one of the most common fractures in the human body. However, rhinoplasty can quickly repair your fractured nose, getting you back to your quality life. This will go away with complications you experienced after the fracture such as breathing difficulties.

If you feel that you need rhinoplasty, please explore more by contacting Alexis Furze, MD today. Be sure to get help from an experienced surgeon with outstanding expertise in rhinoplasty.