A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam allows your ophthalmologist to assess various aspects of your eyesight and eye health through advanced technology. Wolchok Eye Associates is equipped to offer eye exams for healthy patients and chronic conditions like diabetes. Dr. Stephen Wolchok offers eye exams in Jacksonville, Florida, through a fully personalized approach.

When Should I Seek a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

At forty, it is paramount that you schedule a baseline eye exam with a certified ophthalmologist in your locale. If you are in Florida, you can reach out to Wolchok Eye Associates for a comprehensive eye exam.

A comprehensive eye exam offers more information about conditions of old age like diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. An ophthalmologist also uses your exam results to diagnose and provide preventive measures for serious eye complications.

If you have a history of eye health problems, need vision correction, or suffering from systemic diseases (hypertension or diabetes), you should see an eye doctor before you reach forty. Address your risk factors to inhibit the development of eye complications.

What Does an Eye Exam Include?

Your specialist at Wolchok Eye Associates offers comprehensive eye exams inclusive of:

  • Intraocular eye pressure check for glaucoma.
  • Ocular motility test of eye movement, alignment, and muscles.
  • Peripheral vision tests.
  • Phoroptor test to determine an accurate glasses prescription.
  • Pupil response tests.
  • Retina and optic nerve exam of your eye’s back to identify diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration.
  • Review of personal and family medical history.
  • Review of your current medication.
  • Slit-lamp microscope exam of your eye’s front to identify issues like corneal damage and cataracts.
  • Visual acuity test with an eye chart.

Your specialist may also recommend additional tests like taking measurements for contact lenses based on your current needs and specific history.

Frequency of Eye Exams

Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, offers comprehensive eye exams based on individual needs. Your ophthalmologist reviews eye-specific and medical history on each visit to determine the most effective schedule for future visits.

If you have a healthy vision that doesn’t need vision correction, skipping your comprehensive eye exams can deliver detrimental effects. To benefit from preventive measures, attend every appointment to avoid complications like glaucoma, vision loss, and macular degeneration.

Patients with conditions like diabetes are required to get frequent eye exams to prevent eye complications. You can benefit from diabetic eye exams, regular inspection of the blood vessels, and nerve damage relating to high glucose levels. Each exam is designed to identify and prevent severe complications to your eye health and holistic well-being.

Other Services Offered at Wolchok Eye Associates, P.A.

Wolchok Eye Associates offers specialized treatment for:

ü Cataract surgery.

ü Dry eyes.

ü Floaters.

ü Glasses.

ü Glaucoma.

ü Macular degeneration.

ü Red-eye.

Final Thoughts

Comprehensive Eye Exams are designed to maintain your eye health and holistic well-being. You should get an eye exam regularly to ensure that you have an ophthalmologist, even before showing signs of eye complications. If you are in Florida, reach out to Wolchok Eye Associates for your first or subsequent comprehensive eye exam.