A Guide to the Services of a Modern Hair Salon


Today’s modern female demands a lot in the fashion and beauty departments, and the typical urban hair salon would offer a wide range of cosmetic services that go far beyond mere hair care. Manicures and pedicures are typically on the menu, as are bridal make up services, which are very popular in cities, such as Perth and Sydney, and if it has been a few years since you last had your hair done, here is a brief overview of the services you can expect to find.

  • Hair Extensions – There have been many developments in this field, and today, you are not at all limited to style or even hair texture. Human hair is carefully selected for the extensions, with a tiny amount of bonding at one end, which will aid the micro-beading process when the hair strands are woven into the existing hair. If you live in Western Australia, and are looking for an extension hair salon in Perth, there is a well-known chain that specialise in human hair extensions, both woven and clip-on.
  • Hair Straightening – Another popular treatment where keratin is used to aid the straightening process, and the results are pretty amazing, but of course, the salon technician would have to examine your hair first, as only then would they know the right formula to use.
  • Special Occasions Styling – This might include weddings and special events, and if the client has an image or two of how they see themselves on the big day, the stylist has something to work with and can generally deliver the goods. Bridal make up would also be on the menu, and with a full bridesmaid package, everyone will look their very best on the big day.
  • Online Booking Facilities – This is ideal for the busy entrepreneur who never has a moment of free time, and for those who are really pressed for time, there might be a home service, where the technician comes to you. Having the ability to make a booking on your smartphone really does simplify things, and whatever the time of day, the appointment will be made and you can cross that off your long list of things to do.
  • Nourishing Treatments – Our hair endures terrible punishment with the heat and chemicals used in some of the styling, and it is nice to treat your hair to a nourishing treatment, and with keratin and collagen, your hair will quickly revert to that glowing shine. These are recommended at least once a year, and if you notice the ends are becoming brittle, and there is a general dryness in your hair, then a nourishing treatment would be the best solution.

Wherever you live, an online search will bring up a list of local hair salons, and a little browsing will narrow the search down and you can make an initial appointment. The above services are just a few that you might see in a modern hair salon, and some actually have spa facilities and skin care treatments.