Addiction Defense Mechanisms We Develop During Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol addictions can lead to severe defense mechanisms that we create to protect ourselves. We are talking about mechanisms that help us feel better than before and cope with our existing issues.

It is a natural and unconscious occurrence because the defense mechanism is working against us. Most addicts downplay things they are doing. Therefore, we become defensive instead of opening up.

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As soon as family members and psychiatrists confront us about a particular addiction problem we experience, we tend to trivialize how bad we are into it and how much we use it in the first place.

That way, we minimize our problem and make it relevant. The most common line each addict will state is that he/she can quit consuming without anyone’s help. Therefore, we tend to convince ourselves that we can get sober with ease.

However, even if we get sober from time to time, it is just a temporary situation until relapse happens. Therefore, the leading cause and root of our addiction is something we cannot handle ourselves.

We Are Not Truthful with Ourselves

As soon as we minimize problems, we experience due to addiction, we are not truthful to ourselves and our people.

Therefore, we are living in denial. Emotional suppression, avoidance, and secrecy are essential aspects of different coping mechanisms we do to protect ourselves from the harsh truth.

It is highly overwhelming to honestly face our emotions because it leads to difficulty and significant stress. Therefore, we avoid confronting ourselves because it is not the safest path for us, or we tend to think so.

Because the alternative is to put ourselves in the center of the happening or recovering process, we tend to avoid it altogether. Therefore, unresolved issues and suppressed emotions are perfect options.

Recovery Requires Being Honest and Owning Our Past

Dealing and going through rehab due to drug or alcohol abuse means that we became honest with ourselves and faced the consequences of our choices. At the same time, we try numerous ways to confront our problems without placing them under a rug.

Therefore, we have to accept the overall weight of things we went through instead of resisting them. The best way to heal ourselves is to own the mistakes we made in the past. At the same time, it is vital to assume responsibility and accountability for our choices.

We need to take responsibility for our actions and accountability for our choices. The main reason for that is because we will postpone recovery by defending our pain and addiction.


A combination of mental health issues with addiction can lead to serious defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from mistreatment, harm, and judgment.

Generally, these mechanisms are unconscious, and it is our instinct for self-protection after a particularly traumatic event such as neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Keep in mind that one of the most destructive ways of coping is through manipulation because, through it, we hurt people around us and ourselves.

This particular form can come in numerous states. First, we will lie about our case with an idea to get what we wanted in the first place. We can also try to control the outcome and situation.

We tend to criticize and judge people based on their weaknesses with an idea to prevent potential issues. We can become emotionally abusive and hurt other people’s feelings or put them down so that we can rise above them.

Even though it sounds harsh and abusive, we tend to do it compulsively in moments when we are out of control. Manipulation is both automatic and instinctive problem, and we cannot control it with our conscience.

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As we become manipulative, it is because we feel out of control and powerless. Besides, we feel a need to control the world around other people and us as well. That way, we can regain power and feel much better than before.

We tend to alienate people around us, which means that they won’t trust us afterward. Through it, we tend to ruin the comfort, security, and trust of the people surrounding us.

As a result, our mental health issues such as anxiety and depression may worsen and become highly problematic.

That is the main reason why you should be open and prevent these coping mechanisms when you enter a drug rehab because that is the first and most challenging step towards recovery.