All about Hip replacement surgery


Hip replacement surgery is a medical procedure, where a doctor surgically goes on to remove a painful hip with the help of arthritis, and then goes on to replace it with an artificial joint which are made from metal or plastic components. It is undertaken when all other treatment options have failed to yield the desired results. It helps you to eradicate a painful hip and you can walk with ease.

What happens during the course of the surgery?

This form of surgery can be performed in a traditional manner or what is considered to be an invasive medical method. The main difference which lies between the two is the size of the incision. During the course of the standard surgery you are given anesthesia, and put in a stage of temporary sleep. This will prevent you from feeling whether there is any sort of pain or in a manner you are not bound to be aware of the procedure at the same time. In special cases, anesthesia may be given to prevent pain from occurring as an alternative as well.

The doctor will then go on to cut off the side of the hip, and the muscles which are connected to the top of the thigh bone will be removed to expose the hip joint. Then the ball portion of the joint is attached to the thigh bone with the help of cement or metal. The doctor then goes on to prepare the surface of the hip ebone. This they do to remove any damaged cartilage and then the replacement socket bone is attached to the hip bone.

Though most of the traditional hip replacement surgeries are performed using the standard method where a cut of 8 to 10 inchss is made along the side of the hip, in the last few hours most of the doctors have gone to use the minimal evasive method. In this procedure the doctors normally make cuts ,which are 2 to 5 inches long. The procedure is performed with the help of these cuts as you would do with a standard procedure. If there are small cuts it will loosen the blood and the pain will be reduced to a large extent. The recovery period is much faster and you need to stay in the hospital for a shorter period of time. But the only point to consider is that if you consider hip replacement cost in India, it is a bare minimum but always have an eye on the quality of treatment. This is a complicated technique and it needs to be performed by a skilled surgeon who has the necessary experience in this domain.

Hip replacement surgery cost in India is relative on the lower side and this is one of the main reasons why patients prefer this country. There are lots of medical tourism companies who are there to provide you with help. You just need to drop them an email and they will take care of all the surgical treatment.