Avoid Heart Disease Through These Tips

Heart Disease

Most Americans today lose their lives due to heart attacks. Since the disease comprises several complications affecting your cardiovascular system, you need a comprehensive approach to avoid the issues. Although all the issues might not be controllable, you can seek a proactive preventative approach to avoid heart disease in Fort Worth. This includes improving your heart health to prevent some common complications increasing your risk for heart disease. The following can be done to lessen your chances of the disease.

Seek Regular Health Screening

One way to avoid heart disease is regularly checking on your overall health to note any risks as they arise. Therefore, go for regular health screening tests to ensure you keep your cholesterol levels, blood pressures, and blood sugar levels in check. Some of the major factors contribute to heart disease, and you can control them by checking them often. Generally, ensure you check your blood pressure every two years. Cholesterol information has become more detailed and is easy to access. You can easily check your cholesterol levels through a simple blood test. Additionally, go for diabetes testing if you are at 45 and above or consult your doctor, depending on your risk factors.

Quit Smoking

You are at a higher risk of acquiring heart disease if you are a smoker. Smoking is one of the front risk factors for heart disease and other chronic complications. Therefore, it would be best to quit. But if you cannot stop smoking on your own, you can seek help by consulting your doctor about the problem. You can develop from some smoking cessation programs and medications, which can make it easier to quit.

Understand the Role of Inflammation

Recent studies have found inflammation is a hugely overlooked risk factor for heart and cardiovascular system complications like atherosclerosis. Therefore, it would be good to have your doctor test inflammation mainly by checking the CRP levels. Generally, you can experience inflammation due to inflammatory diseases, cancer, loss of muscle, injuries to the artery walls, and metabolic syndrome.

Moderate Your Alcohol Usage

Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol can have some benefits to your heart’s health, but too much can be harmful. You can consult your doctor to understand a healthy amount to intake for you. Generally, women should take one drink every day while men can take at most two drinks. However, any man over 65 should only take one drink. Taking more than this or than recommended by your doctor can increase your chances of developing a heart attack. Also, talk to your doctor if you struggle to limit your alcohol intake for expert help.

Understand Other Risk Factors

Identifying your risk factors can help you know the necessary steps you can take to improve your heart’s health in advance. Some heart complications are hereditary, and if you have a history in your family, it is good to let your doctor know. Your provider will guide you accordingly on the preventative measures to maintain good cardiovascular health and avoid developing heart disease. Therefore, it is good to research your family’s health history.

You can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Reach out to Clover Internal Medicine Associates today to explore more on what you can do. Your provider will evaluate your needs to customize your preventative approach.