Best Steamboat Recipes For Seafood Lovers


So it is cold outside and you want a warm up when you’re planning your next entertainment gathering. The best thing in the world when the weather isn’t cooperating and you need everyone to feel cozy is a steamboat or hot pot party. And don’t be thinking you’re going to be standing around for two days cutting up ingredients either. The only way to go is to have a great steamboat delivery service that lets you pick your ingredients and then delivers to your doorstep – no muss, no fuss.

If you have a guest list full of seafood lovers, then you really couldn’t pick a better type of meal since a steamboat hot pot party is almost tailored for seafood that cooks quickly and provides tasty morsels for your guests to enjoy. So you might want to consider an all seafood (and veggie) steamboat to be everyone’s favorite hostess for this year.

If you’ve decided to go with a seafood steamboat, there are some tried and true ingredients that make for lovely, delicious pots that everyone will love gathering around. You can’t go wrong with the endless variety of fish balls and fish cakes available – everyone loves them. Just keep in mind that they are higher in sodium and fats if that is a concern for any of your guests.


Beyond processed bits, your seafood variety is nearly as endless. Shellfish like scallops, prawns, crab, mussels – these easy, quick cooking ingredients are probably the most popular of fresh items you can use in your steamboat. Your steamboat vendor will make sure your items are cleaned and ready to go for your party – an added bonus for convenience. Your fish including heavier types like mackerel and lighter types like grouper round out your seafood meal or you can take it over the top and add in some squid as well – so quick to cook and tasty from the broth.

Once you’ve settled on the protein portions of your steamboat, don’t forget a good variety of greens and other vegetables like mushrooms, broccoli, yams, spinach, corn, bamboo shoots, watercress and other lettuces or cabbages. These items give balance to your meal and add bulk and fiber for filling people up without loads of calories. They add their own layers of flavor to the broth that is cooking away, and will have that available to add to any of the rice or noodles you choose to finish things off for your steamboat.

Rice or rice noodles, yellow noodles, Japanese udon, wonton bites – whatever you choose will give your guests warmth and be a platform for all the wonderful flavors you’ve created with your broths. As they soak up these soup liquids and disappear into everyone’s bowls, you’ll be able to add more broth to your pots and keep going.

When you are choosing a vendor to bring your steamboat to your door, make sure they supply your equipment, as well. Pots, ladles, skimmers, bowls and skewers should all be available – even your clean up supplies should be in your delivery. All you need to do is set up and enjoy. Visit to learn why they are the leading Steamboat Singapore delivery service. is the leading resource for Steamboat Singapore delivery service. Visit today to learn more. You’ll be glad you did.