Boosting Natural Fertility, Naturally


If you and your partner have been attempting to conceive for quite a while, without becoming pregnant, then it’s only natural that you will both have started to question what might be going wrong, and more importantly how you can both fix it. Human reproductive systems are complicated things, susceptible to many external influences, and to better understand them is a great starting point to improving your chances of becoming pregnant and having a baby.

Lifestyle is a major contributor to the performance of both the male and female fertility systems. At some the popular Acupuncture for Fertility Brisbane workshops that are held regularly, we help to examine lifestyle factors that can affect our ability to successfully reproduce and interpret them in terms of what changes we can make to improve the situation. Often, by introducing few simple changes, couples can massively increase the opportunity to fall pregnant.

Understanding what might be going wrong, helps interpret where we can put things rights. For example, by understanding when the female egg is at its most fertile is equally as valid as realising the full scope of factors affecting the optimum ability to conceive. This process is often a huge ‘kerplunk’ moment, and couples planning for a new family have the opportunity to alter their simple lifestyles to factor-in some subtle modifications in order to improve the situation.

Sadly, many of the simple and often blatantly obvious factors that we as people can improve very easily with changes to our lifestyle, are overlooked by resorting to specialist treatment. These treatments regularly involve lots of time, emotional investment and large financial investment, and honestly, create far more stress in the human body than is often required to fall pregnant naturally. We consequently see a lot of people who have been through this process, now exhausted and with little or no options left, realising that the problem has been that they themselves have not been naturally ready to conceive as a symptom of being stressed, overworked, physically unfit, or that their diet has been a large contributing factor, or that they have quite simply been timing their plans incorrectly. Experienced Acupuncturists see all manner of reasons – often completely unsuspected by the couple involved – which when realised and corrected, garner the intended result.

Regularly, it is discovered that the male part of the equation is at fault, and consequently acupuncture is also used as a treatment for men too, to boost both health and fertility. Some of the more common causes of low sperm count in men are health problems such as high cholesterol, poor digestion, and high blood pressure, but just as common are low sperm counts and poor formation of the sperms themselves.

Treatments of acupuncture are proven to be completely safe and effective at assisting with the improvement of both male and female fertility, and in the ability to help females become pregnant, go the full term and successfully give birth. It may therefore not come as a surprise that it features in the advice and recommendations of virtually every reputable In Vitro Fertilisation clinic in Australia as part of the preparation for treatment. This should be considered as the perfect testimony of its importance in the process of having a child. So, take away the ‘specialist’ treatment, experience the benefits of acupuncture – just acupuncture – and see how it can improve the odds of couples successfully becoming pregnant.

From a holistic perspective, couples should think about the benefits that acupuncture can play in the helping to prepare our bodies when looking to have a baby. Human are naturally built to achieve this but, often, complicated lifestyles affect our ability to be successful.