Can You Raise A Family In Vegas without Lice


Due to its cost effective housing and abundance of job opportunities, Las Vegas has become a great place for many to live in. apart from what the strip clubs have to offer and primary pursuit of the place is limited to booze, casino and clubs, the people out there know that there’s more to this valley. You can surely raise a healthy and smart family in Vegas if you’re cautious about few things and be open minded in your culture.

  • The adults aren’t just the part of strip

When you talk about Las Vegas strip, the thought of showgirls and casino comes to your mind. However, there are several family-friendly things in the mid of all this like the M&M World., checking out the lions at MGM, enjoying games at Gameworks arcade, enjoying your day at Madam Toussaud’s, looking at the Mirage Volcano Show and more. You have abundance of things for families too and the place isn’t just for adults.

  • A hub for live sports

Being the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas is a hub of amazing sport events which kids love to see and play. Right from fight night to basketball games and truck rallies, you have a lot of sporting events to enjoy and cherish.

  • Vegas isn’t a desert

Most of the outsiders think that Las Vegas is a party town, real families do live and enjoy it there. It actually abodes 123 playgrounds and 68 parks proving to be a perfect spot for the families who live there apart from the tourists.

  • You have different culture everywhere in Vegas

While the American towns have half decent theater groups, Vegas holds the best acts from th whole world. Some of the acts are perfect for kids that include The Circus Circus Acrobats, Blue Man Group and the Tournament of Kinds Medieval Show.

  • Festivals make an impact on families here

When you talk about fests, it is a misconception that the place is just for adults. There are amazing the numbers of special events which are held in this city. Right from the Science and Technology fiesta, Rox in Sox Children’s Music and Book Fest, Spring Preserve Ice Cream Fest to Las Vegas International Artistic Fest, you have a lot to enjoy and celebrate.

  • It houses some amazing schools

The education system of Vegas is quite impressive. With a 19:1 student teacher ratio, you have 80% grad rate. Thus, it holds the perfect place for your kids education.

  • Your kids stay active in Vegas

Apart from the playgrounds, Vegas lay extra effort in sports events for the kids. It has 23 softball fields, 44 soccer fields, 6 pools, 109 skating parks, 10 football fields and more to help your kids stay healthy and competitive.

  • Nature is amazing in Vegas

The natural places of interest are perfect for any and every family. With so many deserts and mountains in the area, it is very easy to spend your day in hiking, biking and camping. Lake Mead is yet another location to enjoy your time.

It is good to live in Vegas in apartments and condos rather than book a hotel. The sketchy Vegas hotels can have lice and hamper your health. So, make sure you check out the ambience and location of the hotel before booking one.