CBD Skin Care How to Use CBD to Combat Wrinkles?


CBD products offered by Hempxtra have become quite popular these days and therefore people have many questions in their mind about these products. In this post, we shall try to answer few of their problems.

How can CBD work for taking care of our skin?

CBD which is obtained from natural plant like cannabis can offer several benefits to our skin and therefore number of skincare products has been developed from CBD.

CBD has vitamin C and E and both of them are needed for improving our skin and removing wrinkles and various fine lines that gets developed as we age.

How can we apply CBD products meant for taking care of skin?

There are products available e.g. CBD face cream which is right for our skin. Few other products can also be taken orally. These edible CBD products and tinctures, which can be easily put under our tongue, are quite effective.

CBD oil is also another popular choice for skin care and can be very effective for antiaging.

What are various CBD products available for skin?

Some of the popular CBD options available for taking care of skin include:

  • CBD lotion, skin cream, balm and face cream
  • CBD oils
  • Edible hemp products
  • Few CBD edibles e.g. cookies, gummies and more
  • CBD bath bombs

Also, if these products are combined with calendula flower extract then it becomes much more effective for our skin.

Will there be any adverse effects?

Having known all benefits, it is also important to know if there are any adverse effects of CBD products. CBD as such is not psychoactive like its cousin THC, which can create high feeling.

Also, its claim about anti-aging has not yet been proved beyond doubt. So, there is good chance that it will combat with your wrinkles but may not reverse aging, as claimed by many. However, it is not likely to cause you any harm.

What are the legal issues?

Most of the states in the USA have declared CBD as legal barring only few where purchasing CBD products is still considered illegal.

CBD products at much lower dose are available almost in every state of the country.