Choosing Your Electronic Cigarette


If you are trying to find a less expensive and more convenient smoking option, electronic cigarettes could be your answer. What advantages do they have over typical cigarettes? Once you have bought the cigarette body, you do not need to replace the battery, only the cartomiser or liquid tank, depending on your model. By using an E-cigarette, a regular smoker can save up to half of what they spend on smoking per year. In prices of a pack a day, that is almost $1000. Let’s look at the three types of electronic smoking and see which one fits your needs the most.

Mini Cigarettes

The mini cigarette was the first type of electronic cigarette in the UK. The mini cigarette has a very similar appearance to a normal cigarette, hence its nickname “cigalike.” Because it needs no maintenance, this cigarette may be the easiest to use. It comes in rechargeable and disposable format. One part is the rechargeable battery, and the top part, which holds the nicotine, is screwed on for each use. Inside that top part, the cartomiser, the atomiser heats up the liquid nicotine so that with each puff, you produce vapour instead of smoke. This type of electronic cigarette is much cheaper than the normal cigarette. In this model, as with all models, the lack of smoke allows you to smoke in more than just the designated ‘smoking areas.’ This model is recommended for those who are beginning to smoke electronic cigarettes.

Ego Style Cigarettes

The ego style is a slightly bigger model and looks nothing like the typical cigarette. With the mini cigarette, you need to constantly order or find a place that sells the refillable cartridges. With the ego style, the larger tank can hold up to three days worth of smoking. If you just don’t have time to go to the store, this can be a convenient option. The tanks also come in multiple flavours that you can choose to fit your desires. This version gives you the additional option of how strong you want the voltage to be. This cigarette has three parts: battery, tank, and atomiser. The upside of having the battery separated from the atomiser is that you can replace the atomiser separately from the battery, as the atomiser may need replacement more often.

Modified Cigarettes

Commonly referred to as the ‘mod,’ this version offers yet even more options for personalisation. The modified cigarette is recommended for more seasoned smokers because of its many options. It offers several unique options such as going up to 100 watts of output, giving a digital readout, and containing a large tank to hold the liquid. For advanced users, this cigarette performs extremely well and is said to be the ultimate vaping experience.

In the end, choosing a type of electronic cigarette should be based on your needs and smoking experience. But, however you look at it, electronic cigarettes are a better investment for your wallet than the typical cigarette. They also give you more freedom to smoke anywhere.