Cleaning during phase of pregnancy


Are you someone who prefers to do cleaning work by yourself, as news of pregnancy filters in certain activities has to be re plan?  Online advice for pregnancy suggests that you hire a maid or seriously think whether it would be prudent to clean the premises yourself. Pregnancy suggests that you stay away from labour prone tasks but at the same time a clean and hygienic environment is a must. Not only physical work, but use of certain chemicals is not suggested for a pregnant woman. This could even filter to the baby inside her.

Dos along with don’ts as part of cleaning when pregnant

Activities as part of a cleaning hygiene can emerge where contact can be established with your skin or you might end up inhaling something hazard prone chemical. Now whether it is safe or not it can be found out if you are aware of what to do and what not when you are pregnant. Pregnancy experts online recommend the following measures.

Give importance to your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gruesome task and this can roll over after pregnancy. This time you might be fully involved with day to day affairs of your baby. This could be months away, but fatigue with sapping levels of energy can leave you down. If possible delegate authority.

Wear gloves at all times

The skin during pregnancy is at a sensitive phase. Even a slight contact with chemicals could spot rashes on your body and this could be not an allergic issue earlier. Ensure your hands are safe while wearing a pair of gloves at all times.

Opt for natural products

It would be quiet easy to hop on to the super market and purchase a product. If you use natural products not only will it be safe, but cost on a lighter side. You can customize it as per the needs of your home.

At the same time go through the product descriptions in a careful manner. You need to be aware which constituents is part of the product before you open them. Solutions declare toxic chemicals on the label itself.

The don’ts

Do not make a mistake of moving furniture all by yourself

Earlier you might have been a super woman who could lift a sofa and clean the floor all by yourself. Though pregnancy is safe indulging in such activities is not a safe option when you become pregnant.

Keep away shoes from interiors of your home

In some homes a tendency is to wear the same pair of shoes wherever you go. This provides an opportunity for harmful chemicals to make way on to your home and create havoc. A shoe rack needs to be placed outside the home and everyone should wipe their feet before they enter home.

Stay away from a marathon

Pregnant women thinking on the lines that there is part of a marathon and like to finish things at one go. But devote time equally and clean a particular area of your home one at a time.