Colon Cancer Treatment Techniques for a Better Life

Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer is usually age-related, but its incidence has declined among adults 55 years and older and has increased among adults under 55. If you want to beat colon cancer, then you need the help of Flemington colon cancer experts. The experts will provide personalized attention to support all areas of your health by providing you with the most innovative colon cancer treatments available.

What are the reasons that trigger colon cancer?

Most colon cancers start as polyps that grow on the lining of the colon or rectum. The cancer cells begin to grow silently. First, they will develop for some time, and their DNA will change after many years, resulting in abnormal cells that develop into colon cancer.

A colonoscopy is a modern technique that can limit the growth of colon cancer. During the colonoscopy, the doctor passes a narrow, flexible tube through the rectum and then moves it to the end of the colon. The endoscope has a camera at one end that sends images back to your doctor, who looks at them on a separate screen in the office.

If your doctor detects a polyp, they work to remove it and then send it to lab experts to check for signs of cancer. If cancer has developed, your doctor will work on it as soon as possible.

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Colon cancer has little to no symptoms when it begins. However, when the tumor grows or spreads to other areas, you can show the following signs.

  •         Changes to your intestines
  •         Bright red blood in the stool
  •         Tarry stools
  •         abdominal pain
  •         Bloating
  •         Unexplained weight loss
  •         Fatigue

What options are there to deal with colon cancer?

The first step in dealing with the condition is to remove the tumor. The type of surgery you will need depends on the level of cancer and its location in the colon. Early on, your doctor might prefer a colonoscopy. If your doctor cannot remove all cancer using the procedure, you may require a colectomy to remove part or the entire colon and nearby lymph nodes.

While at Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC, you may undergo radiation therapy before surgery to reduce swelling. Patients who are not suitable for surgery can receive radiation and chemotherapy. Additionally, you can get other services apart from radiation oncology and chemotherapy infusion. Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC specializes in advanced treatment methods for colon cancer, such as targeted treatments.

If your cancer does not respond to chemotherapy, then you can benefit from other medicines. The medicine will help you in various ways. The drugs given prevent blood vessels from growing into tumors or inhibit growth factors—drugs given work as a roadblock as they limit the growth of cancer cells.

Hematology Oncology, LLC provides a wide range of in-office services, including nutrition consulting laboratory work, pharmacy symptom management, and family risk assessment. You can also benefit from consultation services for your family members and scalp treatment to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy. For a comprehensive treatment of colon cancer, contact Hunterdon Hematology Oncology, LLC, or make your appointment online.