Common Health Problems Associated With Leaking Pipes


Home and commercial pipe leaks can occur unexpectedly. These leaks can quickly cause serious damage to items such as electrical appliances, furniture and beddings. Not to mention, the potential health risks associated with leaks can lead to severe medical complications if not taken care of in time.


According to research done in Britain, leaky pipes can cause various digestive problems if not handled carefully. The research revealed that such pipes not only spit out clean water, but they also suck in contaminated water. The dirty water is sucked in as the pressure in the pipe drops, leading to exposure to dangerous pathogens.

Fungal growth

A pipe that leaks behind the walls or under the floor of your house creates a lot of moisture. Excessive moisture encourages the growth of various fungi, which in turn causes a series of health problems. The damp environment also encourages the development of dust mites and some bacteria.

Health problems caused by fungal growth

The growth of fungi, especially mold, causes allergies, asthma and weak immune systems. Some molds may also cause inflammations in the respiratory tract, leading to serious breathing problems. The common symptoms of mold exposure include nasal congestion, throat irritation, persistent coughs and sneezing. Other people may develop skin sores and irritated eyes.

Individuals exposed to damp environments can also develop fungal infections. A serious health threat caused by fungal infections is systemic mycosis. This condition develops due to the inability of the body to protect itself against infections. Mycosis is classified as superficial, cutaneous and subcutaneous. Superficial mycosis affects the skin of young people. It produces spots that are lighter than the skin or reddish brown. Cutaneous mycosis affects the epidermis of the skin and hair follicles and may present itself in the form of a ringworm. Subcutaneous mycosis involves the dermis. It is chronic and difficult to treat. Most subcutaneous mycoses require surgical interventions, such as debridement.

How to prevent health problems caused by leaky pipes

The first step should be to prevent the growth of fungi in the affected area. This requires you to identify the source of the leakage as soon as possible and deal with it appropriately. Some pipe leaks are found deep within the walls, making it difficult to access them. In this case, you need to hire someone who is qualified to help you detect the leak. Good plumbers, such as the ones found at Crown Plumbing Inc., will help you come up with a robust plan to manage the situation within a considerable amount of time.

Some leaks are so minor that you will notice them only after everyone in your home has started showing symptoms of fungal infection and allergies. In case the leaking pipe has already caused the growth of molds, call a team of mold removal experts immediately.

It is your duty to deal with a leaking pipe wisely and ensure your family members are safe and sound. Most of the health problems caused by leaking pipes can cost you thousands of dollars to treat, and they are likely to reoccur if you don’t get to the root of the problem.