Common Myths About Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening

These days, many people visit cosmetic dentists to have a more beautiful smile and enhance all dental imperfections. Cosmetic dentistry provides patients with various cosmetic dental procedures for different needs. One of these procedures is professional teeth whitening treatment which is so popular among people. Yellow and discolored teeth can ruin your self-confidence and don’t let you feel comfortable when you smile, laugh and talk. Thanks to professional teeth whitening treatment, having white and pearly teeth is not a dream anymore. As a dental specialist providing one of the best teeth whitening services near Vancouver describes, although many whitening products are available at drugstores, there aren’t as effective as the whitening treatment provided by a cosmetic dentist. Not everyone is aware of professional teeth whitening benefits and its affordability.

Furthermore, many people may get confused as there is much incorrect information on websites about teeth whitening at home. These methods can lead to severe damage to your teeth and unwanted consequences, especially if you have naturally sensitive teeth. It explains why it’s better to visit your cosmetic dentist if you need to whiten your discolored teeth. This article explains some rumors and myths about professional teeth whitening to help you better understand the benefits of this oral health care treatment.

Whitening Lasers Are Dangerous.

Unfortunately, some believe that exposure to whitening lasers can harm your overall wellness. These days, cosmetic dentists use laser alternatives, including UV or LED, during professional teeth whitening treatment. These lights are safe and will bring you faster and brighter results.

Home Remedies Are as Effective as Professional Teeth Whitening.

If you think some at-home whitening methods can be as efficient as professional teeth whitening, you are wrong! These home remedies won’t give you similar results to professional whitening and can’t be compared with treatments provided by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Moreover, some of these at-home teeth whitening hacks may damage your enamel and cause more serious problems.

Everyone Can Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment.

Not everyone can be a great candidate for professional teeth whitening. This treatment is suitable for patients with extrinsic stains caused by smoking, certain foods and drinks. But in case of having instinct stains, you may need other treatments like dental veneers or crowns.

Making an Appointment Is Necessary for Every Whitening Treatment.

In-office teeth whitening treatment is recommended for patients with severe dental stains. But there are more simple ways for patients with mild to moderate stains. An experienced cosmetic dentist can provide helpful custom whitening trays with maximum contact with your teeth. It can give you excellent results, and you don’t need to deal with making an appointment and in-office visits.

Whitening Treatment Isn’t Suitable for Patients with Sensitive Teeth.

Many believe whitening treatment can make their teeth more sensitive and vulnerable to damage. Unlike what others think, materials used in whitening treatment can strengthen your tooth enamel and provide you with a protective layer against bacteria as well. So even people with sensitive teeth can be qualified candidates for such treatments.

Remember that a dazzling smile is what you truly deserve!