What you should know about Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth is a natural thing that is irreversible. It grows naturally in specific parts of the body such as the head, chest, under the armpits, and the lower abdomen area. There are particular body areas where the growth of hair makes you feel uncomfortable. This is because they don’t give you a pleasing look. One of the sites is under the armpits. Hair that grows in this region makes people who see you get irritated. It also makes an individual feel uncomfortable when wearing short sleeve clothes. They also make someone have a foul smell, and that is why Colorado Springs laser hair removal helps you get rid of the hair that is not pleasing.

What is laser hair removal?

This is the use of laser energy to heat and damage the hair follicles to reduce and also eliminate hair growth in the body. It is one of the most common approaches used in aesthetic treatment. Laser hair removal is used to remove hair in almost all regions where they grow. These areas are:

  •   Legs region
  •   Bikini area
  •   Areas under the lower abdomen
  •   Chest
  •   Underarms

Other areas where hair commonly tends to grow include the feet and toes, back, shoulders, and face. This approach ensures that hair follicles in these regions are damaged and cannot support hair growth.

How do you prepare for laser hair removal?

Before you visit an aesthetician, you are required to stop waxing, epilating, and plucking the hair for about six weeks. This is because laser hair removal interferes with the hair roots, and there is a need to have some hair in the follicle to attract the laser energy.

An individual should take painkillers thirty minutes before visiting the doctor for laser hair removal treatment. Tanning is also prohibited during the process as the extra melanin in the skin will interfere with the treatment’s effectiveness, causing discoloration.

What happens during the laser hair removal treatment?

During treatment, a doctor uses a wax pencil to draw a grid on the skin in the area that will be treated. The doctor follows the grid with the laser device to ensure that it targets the hair follicles. This process is a little bit uncomfortable, but the results are pleasing. After the procedure is completed, a cooling gel is placed in the treated area to soothe the skin. During the process, the skin usually turns red, but it fades away after a short time.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

The approach has got several benefits to individuals who choose this treatment. The most common ones are:

  •   The treatment does not take long. It is faster than you can expect.
  •   It helps save money.
  •   It eliminates ingrown hairs.
  •   It saves time.
  •   An individual will not grow hair in the treated area.

In summary, the advanced aesthetic laser technology has made the hair removal approach suitable to individuals with different skin tones and colors. If you are struggling with hair growth that you are not comfortable with, choose this option.