Control Those Wheezes with Ayurveda


Wheezing is a whistling sound that occurs during the process of breathing and this is caused either by a narrowed or ablocked air passage to the lungs caused by an obstruction.This condition causes lot of discomfort in the chest and if not controlled could even lead to death.Zigy, an online pharmacy,Chennai makes it possible to avail the required drug from the comfort of your home to treat this condition, which has now become very common among the young and the old. One of the main reasons for this is the increasing levels of pollution in the cities.

Wheezing is caused by allergic reactions of the body. This could be due to dust mites, hair of animals like cats, dogs or any other common pet. It may also be caused by pollen or a change in weather conditions. It may not be possible to avoid one or all of these so the best option is to strengthen the immune system with Ayurvedicmedicines forasthma and regular pranayam and other yogic exercises.

Ayurveda to Control Wheezing

This holistic system of medicine helps individuals fight and control this condition. Ayurvedic treatment involves not just the suppression of wheezing but also the strengthening of the immune and respiratory systems.Ayurvedic medicines are preferred as they have no known side effects.

In this form of medicine, the individual’s diet plays a very important role.Fresh food like green leafy vegetables, colourful food like orange, red and green vegetables are highly recommended. Certain food like curd, buttermilk is commonly avoided. One’s diet should be free from unnatural additives. These may enhance flavour but often contain chemicals which may cause allergic reactions. Food should be eaten in moderation and excess weight should be prevented.

Ayurveda stresses on a healthy lifestyle which not only prevents wheezing but also controls the condition.Stress, or any other physical ailment can be brought in check with a regular exercise regimen. Yogic exercises like pranayam are particularly helpful in improving the breathing process as well as relieving stress. Apart from this various other postures should be included to strengthen the lungs as well as increase the immunity of the respiratory tract. is a premier websiteto buy medicine online.There is a special filter for ‘respiratory’ in ayurvedic medicines where you purchase the required medicines. With quick response and a cash back facility, the shopping experience will be pleasant and easy.