Convenient Online Teletherapy Specialist in New York


If requesting appointments, tight daily routines, or any other reason is making you feel hesitant about seeking mental and emotional healthcare, online video therapy might be the ultimate solution. With convenient office locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Midtown, and SoHo, the top-qualified specialists at Thriving Center of Psychology offer exceptional care from the comfort of your office or home using online video conferencing software. To find out more about online video therapy in New York, and if it’s right for you, click or call to request a consultation today.

What is Internet Video Therapy?

Internet video therapy allows patients to access quality emotional and mental care from the specialists at Thriving Center of Psychology, regardless of their current location. Through internet-based video conferencing software, your psychologist or therapist offers almost all the therapy treatments that are available in-house. These providers ensure they maintain the same level of personalized attention and quality care as in-house appointments.

What is the Significance of Online Video Therapy?

The benefits of online video therapy are straightforward. For instance, you don’t have to visit the facility, thus saving travel time, parking, and other issues that may hinder a smooth face-to-face appointment. Also, many patients find video therapy more effective as they can easily open up about their emotions from their preferred location’s comfort and privacy settings.

Is Video Therapy as Effective as Face-to-face Appointments?

Various studies compare in-house appointments to online therapy and highlight that it may actually be as effective for select therapy treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Besides, other research indicates that video therapy can be used to address several mental health issues successfully.

What Conditions Can be Addressed with Video Therapy?

The compassionate and highly-trained medical professionals at Thriving Center of Psychology continuously use online video therapy to address several mental health issues. These include, but are not limited to, depression, trauma, stress, eating disorders, relationship problems, anxiety, and more. Moreover, online video therapy can be effectively used for life coaching sessions.

What You Need to Know About an Online Therapy Appointment

For an online video therapy session, the patient should have a PC, fast, strong internet connection, a microphone, and a camera. You also need to secure a private and quiet room during the appointment to avoid distractions. Also, one might need to install the select video conferencing software before the first appointment. During a consultation at Thriving Center of Psychology, your provider will give you all the information you’ll require to prepare for the initial online video therapy appointment.

Should the Initial Consultation be In-house?

The practitioners at Thriving Center of Psychology advise patients to meet with their psychologist and therapist face-to-face during the initial consultation. Depending on the patient’s individual goals and needs, they might recommend that you have regular in-person appointments. In some cases, an in-house session is not mandatory if distance or other personal factors hinder you from making a face-to-face appointment.

In summation, Thriving Center of Psychology aims to offer exceptional care to anyone ready to open a new chapter in their lives. The providers at the center are quite friendly and will walk with you every step of the way until you fully restore your life quality. To request an appointment with the professionals at Thriving Center of Psychology, call or go online.