Do You Know What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Caffeine


There is no refuting the fact that caffeine is one of the best things to have happened to lazy sloth who have a hard time remaining awake. The taste and scent of freshly brewed coffee can sweep anyone by their feet. Taking caffeine on a regular basis in high amount can cause serious damages to your health. Some of the advantages of giving up caffeine are mentioned below.

Advantages of Giving Up Caffeine

Caffeine is highly addictive and the thought of giving it up is horrifying for people who have assimilated it in their daily routines. It is important to know that it is achievable; all you need is little determination. You might find it after going through these benefits of quitting caffeine

  1. Aggrandized Energy: It can be surprising but the lift you feel after consuming a cup of coffee is actually artificial. It is just the response of your muscles and blood pressure level to an outside threat. What is real, is the after effects, in the form of fatigue and headaches. People, who consume caffeine regularly, build a tolerance and need even more caffeine to lift them up. Quitting coffee will give a natural energy all through the day.
  2. Improved stress levels: Quitting caffeine contributes a great deal to lowering the stress level and anxiety. Consuming caffeine messes up the brain chemistry by causing an extra release of stress hormones. It also shrinks the production of serotonin, a mood-elevating hormone.
  3. Weight loss: Quitting caffeine means quitting sugar, milk, and cream. The curtailment in all these intakes means a curtailment in calories. Apart from cutting down the calories, your metabolism is also likely to improve if you give up coffee. Scientists have suggested that caffeine can slow down the pace of metabolism and can also mess with the retention of the fat in the cells.
  4. Improved Digestion: The acidic compounds of coffee adversely affect the digestive tract and its inner linings. It can cause an irritation in them. Taking two three cups of coffee can lead to digestive problems such as heartburn, gastric issues, and indigestion. Problems such as gastritis and GERD can also develop among the regular coffee drinkers. Apart from all these issues, caffeine restricts the natural absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body. You can show some mercy on your digestive system by quitting caffeine forever.
  5. Insomnia: It is one of the best advantages of giving up caffeine. Insomnia can cause a lot of mental and physical health issues. Drinking coffee even during the day results in a disrupted sleep. It takes hours for caffeine to drain out of your system.

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Now you know how to bless your body. You can assimilate green tea or hot water in your schedule instead of harmful caffeine.