Drug Test Kits – Why You Need Them


Drug kits are basically tools that can be used to check for illicit drugs. They kits are used by hospitals, employers, law enforcement agencies and even parents at home. It is estimated around the globe there millions who are using illicit drugs but most of them will not be honest about doing it as it is illegal and they do not want to be in trouble with the law. There are various drug testing kits available in the market today with the biggest difference between all of them s what unlawful and illegal drugs that are designed to detect. Some of the drug test kits can detect several drugs as others just detect a specific one.

For instance:

10-panel drug test kit – This kit can only detect barbiturates, methadone, methamphetamines, cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, cannabinoids, opiates and others.

5-panel drug test kit – This kit has the ability to detect amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, cannabinoids and opiates.

One other difference in these drug test kits is the technique they use to collect a sample to test. Three examples of bodily materials can be used in this regard which includes the saliva, hair and urine being the most common body fluid tested. It is generally the least expensive material to examine. There are several limitations on these drug testing kits.

One limitation is that even if the drug test detects that the drugs were used they cannot generally determine how long ago they have been consumed. One other limitation is the results perhaps be different for two different people who have consumed the same drug on the same day and identical drug test being used. One could test negative whereas the other one could test positive. The reason behind these different results is numerous metabolic facts that help determine how quick someone’s body eliminates the traces of the illegal drug they have consumed. These drug testing kits typically do not determine whether an individual has or has even consumed drugs but will just determine if there are elements present in the body while the drug test was conducted.

The accessibility of these drug testing kits has greatly increased due to the popularity of these tests. In the past, it was rare to hear about an individual having their drug test done outside of a medical facility or laboratory. Today plenty of businesses are opting for this tool as it helps them administer pre-employment drug screening on site as a part of the job application procedure. As an employee is injured on job the employer can easily administer with such tests if they had any illegal drugs in their system when the accident took place or not. You can easily get hold of these drug test kits in departmental stores, drug stores or even over the Web.