Effective Diabetes Management Tips

Diabetes Management Tips

Diabetes is a widespread problem affecting many individuals. An even larger population is considered prediabetic. If you are looking for practical solutions for diabetes in Lutz, contact Samantha Lindsay, MD of Family First Wellness. With their proactive approach to medicine, you can trust the practice’s experts to better manage your condition through diet, medications, and exercise.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes comes in several types. It refers to any condition that inhibits you from regulating your blood glucose levels due to lack of insulin or insulin resistance in your body. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. It works by directing your blood sugar to the designated location then discards the excess.

When you are insulin resistant, or your pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, glucose does not get to its intended place. Instead, it builds up dangerously in your bloodstream. There are two main types of diabetes, namely:

  •   Type 1 Diabetes

This type affects more than a million people in the US and is regarded as an autoimmune problem whereby your body mistakenly attacks your insulin-generating cells.

  •   Type 2 Diabetes

This kind of diabetes takes the lion’s share of diagnoses and occurs when your body gets resistant to insulin. This makes your pancreas unable to produce enough to combat the resistance. Regardless of your type of diabetes, the bottom line is that sugars build in your blood, consequently causing severe implications.

Health Complications That May Arise from Diabetes

The health complications that arise from diabetes are very severe, as they are life-threatening. When the sugar builds up in your bloodstream, you may experience:

  •       Heart attack
  •       Stroke
  •       Vision loss
  •       Kidney damage
  •       Cardiovascular disease
  •       Neuropathy, or nerve damage

As aforementioned, diabetes can have a dangerous impact on your health if left unaddressed.

Treatment of Diabetes

Dr. Lindsay comprehends that diabetes is manageable. However, it takes a multi-pronged approach that demands your involvement. As part of your treatment plan, she typically recommends:

  •       Effective dietary changes
  •       Regular exercises
  •       Vigilant oversight
  •       Medications to control your glucose

Whereas medications have proven effective, it all but pales in tackling diabetes compared to diet and exercise. These routine practices have been shown to be highly efficient in improving diabetes and, in other cases, offer everlasting solutions for the condition.

If you play your role accordingly and work with Dr. Lindsay toward achieving a healthier lifestyle, you can control your diabetes and curb the many serious problems that come with the disease.

Available Services

In addition to diabetes, the proficient team at Family First Wellness also provides other top-notch services to guarantee patients’ wellbeing. Such services include:

  •       Hypertension
  •       Hypothyroidism
  •       Body Sculpting
  •       Hyperlipidemia
  •       Annual Exams
  •       Aesthetic Laser Treatments
  •       COPD
  •       Double Chin Treatment
  •       BioTE

Bottom Line

Diabetes can lead to life-threatening implications if left unmanaged. Therefore, it is imperative to seek professional assistance for the effective management of your conditions. Your skillful team at Family First Wellness has everything it takes to make your condition manageable. For the help you need to manage your diabetes, call the specialists, or schedule an appointment via the online booking tool.