Embracing Kitchen Technology


As the pace of everyday life increases, there is less time for domestic tasks like cooking. While many people have a desire to cook more meals at home, there are numerous challenges to finding recipes, shopping for ingredients, and even just having enough time to actually cook. Instead of giving up and surrendering to a life of frozen meals or fast food, you can find ways to drastically simplify the process of creating delicious meals in your own kitchen. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to embrace the recent advances in home appliance technology.

Home Cooking Revival

There are many benefits to cooking meals at home. You can control the quality of ingredients and amount of seasoning. In most cases it is less expensive to buy groceries and cook from scratch, rather than buying ready-made meals or eating at a restaurant. Cooking also provides a special sense of gratification and improves self-sufficiency. The immense popularity of cooking shows and food blogs proves that cooking at home is a skill that many people enjoy learning. Food has become a significant part of popular culture in many countries, leading to a sharp increase in the standards for home cooking. Processed ingredients are increasingly rejected in favour of cooking from scratch. People are dedicated to incorporating organic ingredients or making food for specialised diets such as veganism or gluten-free.

Traditional cooking techniques will always have their place in the kitchen. For example, some dishes require long marinating sessions or hours of braising in the oven to reach perfection. And while some chefs and dedicated home cooks embrace these methods, many people find them impractical for everyday life. Fortunately, technological advances have improved these aspects of the culinary arts. Home cooks now have access to appliances that were formerly only found in professional kitchens – it’s not just novelty items like ice cream makers or pizza stones. Today’s home cooks have access to professional-quality knives, pots and pans, and useful appliances.

The High-Tech Home Kitchen

Kitchen supply companies offer a number of appliances and gadgets designed to simplify home cooking. Coffee-makers can be programmed to turn on at a certain time. Digital thermometers can be paired with a smartphone to send an alert when your steak is a perfect medium-rare. And the pressure cooker is seeing a revival as well, thanks to new technology making it safer and easier for even the novice home cook.

While slow cookers dominated the home cooking trends in the ‘80s and ‘90s, pressure cookers are now the new must-have appliances for every home cook. Modern versions are safer so home cooks needn’t fear scalding steam or food explosions when removing the lid. The newer appliances are also much more accurate at regulating temperature and pressure, ensuring perfectly cooked food every time. There are even appliances called “multicookers” that have the ability to switch between pressure cooking, slow cooking, and steaming. Appliances such as this provide the home cook with all the necessary tools to create delicious meals at home with minimal time commitment. Home appliance technology allows every person to cook with professional tools right in his or her own kitchen.