Enjoy the full potentialities of Ephedra tea


Ma Huang tea is recognized as a well-known Chinese herbal remedy that contains Ephedra sinica extract. This is generally used in out-dated Chinese medicine for treating lung or breathing issues. Nowadays, the extract of Ma huang is commonly taken for promoting weight loss because of the presence of ephedrine in this plant. However, it does come along with some health dangers, particularly if you overuse it and it is also strictly forbidden to be used by people suffering from health problems. This tea has numerous stimulating features and it is hugely helpful for increasing your levels of energy, improving metabolism, and helps you in losing weight.

Additionally, this herbal tea can decrease your hunger and makes you more motivated and alert. Today, countless people are looking for the recipes for Ephedra tea on the net as taking this herbal extract in the form of capsules or powder can pose the danger of many side effects. However, Ephedrine has got restricted in the US and it can’t be used as a compound in fat burners and diet pills. It is still lawful to be used in different corners of the globe and the other species of this plant can be utilized in tea recipes or you can also purchase it in different dietary supplements.

Effects of weight loss

This compound has huge benefits for losing weight that include improving fat burning possibility, suppressing appetite, and stimulating and increasing metabolism. However, taking Ma Huang tea for losing fat is effectual but for a short-term only. The impacts of this compound do last for only some hours. In the form of a stimulant, it doesn’t have long-term effects on your body. This compound does kick your metabolism in a brief period of time and when its effectiveness get worn off, your metabolism gets back to normal unless you make an alteration in your nutrition, dietary habits, and lifestyle.

Purchasing Ephedra tea

The availability of Ephedra tea might be different based on your place of living. In various parts of the US plus other nations, you won’t be able to get this tea product from the retail stores. You can also purchase this tea from the internet or from certified herbalists present in your local area. The sources of this plant are Chinese sellers on sites, such as Alibaba and eBay. In fact, you will also get this tea from Chinese pharmacies or apothecaries from parts where Chinese people still practice various traditional medicinal cures of the past.

You will also get it from natural food stores. There are many forms of liquid ephedra extract but they do not contain any pseudoephedrine or ephedrine. Hence, prior to buying this botanical for making it into your tea, it is highly recommended to consult a physician or a trained herbalist for learning its safe use plus determining whether this compound is suitable for you. You should always look for standardized products that can supply you a particular dosage of pseudoephedrine or ephedrine. Also, learn the recipes for Ephedra tea well for extracting its optimal results.