Everything You Need to Understand Concerning Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

With age, your chances of developing chronic disease, illness, and pain increase. However, by having expert care, you stand a better chance of detecting and preventing these complications when they arise. If you need geriatric in Chamblee, the professionals at Lenox Medical Clinic have all the necessary skills and experience. Contact these compassionate providers to experience more confidence in your health with effective treatments.

What Is Geriatric Care?

Geriatrics, often known as geriatric medicine, is a medical specialty that aims to improve the health of the old. It promotes healthy aging in older adults by avoiding and treating illnesses and disabilities common as people get older. On the other hand, geriatric nursing refers to offering aid to older people in their homes, hospitals, or special institutions, such as nursing homes, mental institutions, and so on.

How Important Is Geriatric Health Care?

Geriatric care caters to the unique health requirements of the elderly. You can build a collaboration with Lenox Medical Clinic to:

  •       Manage chronic diseases like diabetes or arthritis.
  •       Manage pain from osteoarthritis, gout, or other conditions.
  •       Prevent chronic disease.
  •       Intervene when chronic conditions or complications appear.

Your immune system weakens as you become older, putting you at significant risk of severe complications from the flu or other ailments. The geriatric care at Lenox Medical Clinic is customized to your needs and health conditions. Their goal is to help you maintain peak health.

What Geriatric Services Are Available?

Your care will depend on factors such as your age, medical history, and current symptoms. A customized care plan may include:

  •       An expanded lipid blood panel.
  •       Medicare annual wellness visit.
  •       Neurological testing.
  •       Chronic disease management.
  •       Mammogram.
  •       Cancer screenings.
  •       Immunizations.
  •       Joint mobility evaluations.
  •       Bone density testing.
  •       EKG.
  •       Specialist referrals.

You can also receive assistance on how to manage your prescription medications. You are eligible for annual wellness appointments if you have been on Medicare Part B for more than 12 months.

Lenox Medical Clinic provides these visits to assist you in developing a personal illness prevention plan. The Lenox Medical Clinic staff regularly welcomes sick geriatric visits. Make an appointment to get screened right away if you have symptoms that cannot wait until a later visit.

What Preparations Do I Need for My Geriatric Exam?

Begin by having any medical records from prior doctors sent over for examination if you are new to Lenox Medical Clinic. Also, include a list of all medications and supplements you are taking as well. Even in over-the-counter drugs, pay close attention to the dosages.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your therapy or health, write them down. When you are at the office, it can be easy to lose track of time. Thus, making a list ensures you receive all of the information you need to feel safe in your health care and confident in your treatment.

Routine prescription refills are done during regular business hours. However, the providers recommend that you allow 24-48 hours for ALL refills.

Contact Lenox Medical Clinic for a friendly and efficient treatment experience if you or your kin desire top-notch geriatric care. Call the offices or use the online booking feature today.