Face Lift; Discover the Secret to a Younger Appearance


Aging can be brutal. It is common to appear older than you are. Luckily, you can keep the visible signs of aging at bay, thanks to modern medicine. With a facelift, you can keep your vibrance and keep looking younger. If you are contemplating having a face lift in Pasadena, turn to the Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center providers to achieve outstanding results using the latest methods.

When do I need a Facelift?

If the effects of aging are starting to show, you might want to consider a facelift. A tired, drawn-out appearance is typical in the aging face. Gravitational changes and tissue volume loss cause significant bulges and improprieties from the junction of your eyelid and cheek down to your jawline.

Dr. Sasaki will explain the effects of aging on your face and your alternatives for improving your appearance during your extensive facelift consultation. He also introduces you to feasible surgical and nonsurgical options.

Under Dr. Sasaki’s guidance, you can achieve a natural, age-appropriate appearance that you will enjoy for many years to come. He adopts cutting-edge procedures that have become the industry standard for facelift surgery.

What Does a Facelift Entail?

For more mature patients with drooping skin, a cheek fat pad, and a sagging jawline, Dr. Sasaki may suggest a complete facelift procedure. Dr. Sasaki makes a small incision just beneath your sideburns. He then follows the crease line in front of your upper ear, passes inside the ear well, and exits out along the front crease line of your ear lobe before continuing behind the lobe. For fine and hidden scars, this incision must be carefully beveled.

Dr. Sasaki created his own suture suspension technique (see S4- Sasaki Suture Suspension System) in 1995, which he now employs to adjust your cheek fat pad over your cheekbone. Dr. Sasaki has published several articles on his unique suture technique, taught to surgeons worldwide after completing over 1000 satisfied patients.

Dr. Sasaki lifts and tightens the deeper stable layer (superficial aponeurotic muscular system or SMAS) up to address a prominent fold of marionettes from the mouth corner to your mandible and jowl.

He may also recommend liposuction to offer a more contoured and chiseled look above and beneath your jawline. Dr. Sasaki finally replaces your skin to create an aspect that is both natural and rejuvenated.

How Long Does Facelift Surgery Last?

It takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to execute the entire procedure. Your facelift is carried out under general hospital anesthesia. After your facelift surgery, you only have a minimal amount of swelling that typically resolves within three weeks. Since there are no dressings or drains, you may shower and wash your face daily after surgery. Dr. Sasaki removes the few sutures in front of your ear within ten days, and you may usually resume normal activities within six weeks.

Dr. Sasaki not only has considerable knowledge and talents in facelift operations, but he also has a superb bedside manner that puts his patients at peace throughout the procedure.

If you happen to be considering a facelift to actualize your aesthetic objectives, you need to partner with a qualified provider for natural-looking outcomes. Look no further than Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center to enjoy the services of an industry trailblazer. Call to book an appointment or schedule online today.