Feeling Down in the Dumps? Check Out Some Art!


We all go through depressive slumps every once in awhile. That’s completely normal. Which means that we all need a toolkit of some kind to get out of them. We can’t always depend on other people to tell us what to do to get out of our funks, so that’s when it’s time to dig deep to see what could be engaging enough to get the happy chemicals moving their ways through our systems again.

And you know what almost always works with people? Art. And it will be different types of art that affect different people differently, but the end result is usually the same. Visit and art gallery, look up art online, use apps to create your own masterpieces, absorb and observe different artistic mediums, and you’ll move right out of your dark place.

Visit a Gallery

For some of the best art, and for the visceral experience of actually being in a place, you’ll want to visit a gallery, like Park West Gallery, for instance. You’ll want to be in the presence of art. Good art, bad art, small or big art, in any different type of shape and form. But having the experience of physicality is huge when it comes to trying to feel better in general, as it requires just that little bit of extra effort from you to get somewhere.

Find Art Sites Online

If you don’t have the energy to go to a location, you can find art sites online that will allow you to browse through the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. It’s not quite the same, looking at these things on a screen, but you can at least appreciate the beauty on a virtual level.

Use Apps To Create Your Own Art

If you’re the more creative type yourself, you can snap photos using your phone, and then potentially install a few art apps and go nuts, applying filters to create brand new expressions of image and beauty. Again, working with functions and processes this way will move you away from feeling sad or lonely, and back into feeling engaged.

Observe a Different Medium

And if you’re not into painting, check out sculptures. If you’ve had enough with two-dimensional expressions, dry out 3D, or even virtual reality. The point isn’t so much to define what art is, as the fact that you’re trying to dig your mind out of your emotional sludge.

Experience It With Friends

And though art is generally an individual prospect, if you want help getting out of the dumps, you can always do any of the things mentioned about with a friend or a group of friends. Even if you don’t talk or discuss things, having that person with you can be comforting.