Five Must Have Clothing Items For Your Workout Plan


When it comes to fitness, what you wear is just as important as the workouts you do. Just like you work to target a certain area for weight loss or muscle toning, your workout clothing works to ensure you do it comfortably.

For one thing, you would want to do yoga in jeans or skinny pants. You wouldn’t have that freedom of movement and it would be extremely uncomfortable. Just like running in jeans would be (and imagine the chaffing- ouch!).

The Right Pants/Shorts

Just don’t workout in your jeans. There are plenty of options for clothing when it comes to sports and fitness. You want to invest in some compression wear, like these shorts, which will help you avoid chaffing between your legs when you run and will help you avoid sprains and other muscle issues, like fatigue.

If you’re a yoga person you want something that can be really flexible, which is why having a good pair of yoga pants is wise (and will help keep you from showing off your underwear to other yoga enthusiasts). If you play a sport, like basketball, you want clothing that’s a looser fit, so you can move better in it.

The Right Tops

The right tops for your workout will kinda be like picking the right bottoms. You want something that is form fitting for yoga, as a t-shirt is going to lift and shift during certain moves. But for other sports, you may want something loose that moves a bit more.

You also want to look at the materials your clothing is made of. Consider investing in things made from natural fibers, like cotton and bamboo, as opposed to synthetic fibers. You may also want to buy shirts that are made to wick away sweat, so you stay cool and dry.

The Right Socks

Compression socks or socks made for running that has padding in certain areas, to help with support and avoiding blisters, are a great investment. You also want to stick with natural fibers and sweaty feet can cause all sorts of issues, so get socks that wick away sweat (bamboo is an excellent material for this).

The Right Shoes

The right shoes require getting the right ones for what you are doing. If you are running, you need different shoes than you would if you were walking. They are made differently, and running in walking shoes could cause injuries to your feet, shins, knees, and more.

Excess Gear

There is other wearable gear you may want to invest in depend on your workout. You might want a headband, for keeping your hair out of your face or just keeping sweat from dripping into your eyes. You may also want to invest in some yoga socks, some compression braces for knees or elbows, or even some gloves for golfing.