For the Love of Electric Bicycles


Whether you love to cycle as a hobby, commute to school or work, or just want to get a bit fitter, electric bicycles may offer the solution to your needs. A daily exercise routine, even if you only put thirty minutes of the day to it, can help you remain fit, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and much more. For some, however, even that small window of time can be impossible to squeeze out of the day. To remedy the situation while helping you to save money and time, you need only look to electric bicycles. These modern marvels take some of the harder work out of the commute, such as working your way uphill, while allowing you to put your muscles to good use.

Calorie Loss

Bicycles, even electric bicycles, run on calories, requiring that you put in some physical work to make them run. The bliss electric folding bike can help you take a break when you need it most. For example, you may need to make it to work quickly and do not have the time to change into business attire after arriving. An electric bike would allow you to quickly make your way to work with minimal effort on your part. With the ability to burn calories at your own pace, you could find yourself moving into an entirely new wardrobe within a month of buying your new bike. The difference can happen a lot faster than you think even if you do not change your usual diet.

Save Money

Electric bikes do not require you to buy petrol, which is something that you cannot avoid with hybrid cars and other options. Not only do you become fitter simply by using this option but you could potentially remove the price of petrol from your monthly budget altogether. Most electric bikes can take you more than 48km on a single charge, allowing you to get to and from work multiple times without worrying about the bike. Simply charging it during the night can keep you ready to go during the day. In this way, you save money in multiple areas but primarily in petrol. At more than a pound a litre, the price of your bike would more than pay for itself in a year. In fact, you would also do away with costly repair and maintenance needs associated with traditional vehicles, which can add up to thousands a year.


Electric bikes allow you to make better time getting across town because you can often avoid the worst traffic. In addition, you never need to worry about making time to stop for petrol, getting caught behind road accidents, or finding parking once you arrive. Most buildings have designated parking for bikes and the right model can fold up for added convenience. No matter how you look at it, owning your own bike can help you dramatically reduce your annual transportation costs while also helping you maintain better overall health and wellness. You deserve to not only feel your best but also to save as much money as possible.