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Are you interested in freelance health care content writing ? Then it is a great opportunity for you from the secured website of content mart . Thirst of exploring new medicines and facts in health care streams then you may research on your inventions and acquire income from freelance medical writings. You may have leisure timings other than researches and may fetch income by exploring your career in health care writings . This job fetches you the income and work- life balance. The payments for your articles will be reliable in this website.

As well the website provides you quick responses for the queries raised by the writers. The website will be user friendly and easy to handle the chaotic situations faced by the writers . The website also send the regular updates of the messages and orders you receive in your content mart account. The technical problems such as the page is not reached will be solved by queries and the help desk provides links for you to recover the problems. The freelance medical writing can be enhanced with help of the book written by Dr. Hitt Nichols’ which gives a detailed description of six week course. I Synopsise the snaps of six week course :

1) First week :

The first week book depicts the introduction for the medical writers who start their careers in this freelance health care writing. The detailed introduction of freelance writing career is given in the first week book. In the first week, you must register as writer in the content mart website. Then complete your profile with the qualifications and experiences in the content mart website.

2) Second week :

The second week book describes about the appropriate websites for freelance writing in the medical stream. As well it includes the procedures to fetch clients , potential medical writing websites , integrity about the websites , plagiarism and other issues in the freelance health care writing job.

3)Third week:

The third week book emphasises on medical journalism and provides you the techniques for medical news writings , interviewing tips , news writers. In addition it fetches ideas on how to acquire news writing works.

4) Fourth week:

The fourth week course gives a clear views on continuing medical education writing (CME) course and its scope . It also insists on maintaining fair balance , learning objectives and effective writing in CME. This book depicts the relationship between the “ghost writing ” and the medical writers.

5)Fifth week:

The fifth week course insists on feature articles in the medical stream and its scope. This book describes how to write on feature articles and interviewing tips ,techniques. The book gives ideas on trade journals and online marketing streams.

6) Sixth week :

The sixth week describes about the negotiations you can make with clients and collect the pay. As well it provides organisational ideas , freelance services you can fetch , the situations at which you must break up with the clients, grooming you as verified freelancer .

Hope you would be grooming as a freelance health care writer within a short period of time with these snaps….!!!