Get Rid of Lice and Nits with one Wash of Clearlice

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Head lice can infect anyone’s hair – especially kids going to school. It is a common problem with hundreds and thousands of people, and when it happens all you want to do is to get rid of them as fast as you possibly can, you will run to your nearest store hoping to find a product that will take those little beasts away. There are many solutions like anti-lice shampoos, treatments and home remedies (which every mother will do first, for sure) But not every product works! You need a genuine product that fulfills their promise and helps you to get rid of them.


It is a fact that almost 12 million kids in the U.S get head lice every year. There are some common things that you do every day that might cause head lice. Head lice spread very fast. in no time( watch out for the next time you take a selfie!) It can also happen by sharing stuff like scarf, pillow, combs or hat.


What can be worse than scalp irritation and an itching head all the time!?  Scratching your head may cause bacterial infections and rash making your scalp swollen or red that can end up as a wound(which is worse). Make sure to check for lice once you start having an itchy or tingling feeling in your head.


You should start treating head lice the day you found them, or they will grow into your hair in no time. There are many products out there that promise and claim to wash away all your head louse and nits, and sure they do but not most of the products take over on what they have said. Most of the products leave your hair all dry and frizzy washing away all the moisture along with the lice. No one wants that! It is a good idea to consult your doctor about the head lice and nits, but a lot of women prefers treating them at home by using different shampoos, oils, and treatments.


Clearlice is a natural head lice treatment with a whole range of natural products and no harsh chemicals, so you don’t have to worry an iota about having frizzed up hair or scalp dryness afterward. Clearlice’s products are gentle on the scalp and are safe to use on a daily basis. It contains all natural products which you can check by yourself here It promises to get all your lice and nits away in just one wash, and they do so. You don’t have to worry about your money wasted in another product anymore. CLEARLICE also offer laundry additive, and household spray so your house and clothes stay all fresh and lice-free.

They offer different kits with different price range- pick up the one that suits your needs.

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