Get the Body You Dream of the Easy Way


Forget faddy diets, strict detox regimes and novelty gym classes. There is a simple and proven way to getting the physique and health that you want, simply by feeding your body the nutrition it craves, giving it adequate rest and training in the most efficient way. Our short guide will give you the results you want quickly and easily.

Eat Right

No branded diet foods or ‘low-fat’ regimes for you. Focus instead on eating the foods that we evolved to eat. This means fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, good fats such as olive and coconut oil and, crucially, good sources of protein, ideally from meat and fish. A protein food diet has a range of benefits. The body uses this vital source of amino acids to rebuild and repair itself, and protein is naturally filling and prevents cravings. Cut out processed food and general junk — you know what these are. Try to cut down on simple carbohydrates and get your energy from vegetables as a primary source, with fruit as your ‘sweet treat’. You’ll find that your taste buds rapidly clean up and change as your diet gets purer and cleaner. There are plenty of online resources to help you adapt to this new way of eating. You’ll find a large community and a great range of nutritional advice and recipes.

Train Right

You need to focus on strength training to reshape your body. Ladies in particular should forget anything that relates to ‘toning’. You need to start lifting serious weights in a controlled manner. Focus on the big lifts — weighted squats, dead lifts, push press, shoulder press and Olympic lifts. As you get more advanced, try the snatch and clean and jerk. Ideally, have coaching so you learn the moves and focus heavily on technique and perfecting each move rather than going too heavy too fast. Keep fuelled during your training sessions by taking in protein — a hard-boiled egg, a chicken leg or perhaps a whey protein shake or protein bar for quick and easily absorbed nutrition. This will help your muscles to recover, rebuild and optimise as you work out, giving you energy to help complete the tougher training sessions.

To find a great range of high-protein products for strength training, click here. In terms of cardio exercise, don’t overdo it. Short bursts of high-intensity exercise stimulate the hormones needed to burn fat. Don’t forget flexibility training either to maintain that full range of motion.


This is the often forgotten third ‘leg’ of your training trio. When you are training hard for strength, you need to sleep to allow your body to rest. Aim for at least eight hours of high-quality sleep and rest in between workouts. Take Epsom salt baths for magnesium and other essential minerals. Supplement wisely. Don’t stress your body by training hard on the same muscle groups every day or you’ll risk injury and burnout. Take it slowly, get coaching and support and plan for the long term. You will rapidly notice the gains and results that you crave and feel fantastic and energised in the process.