Getting Cash For a Healthy New Beginning


You’ve decided to turn the corner with your health. You don’t feel like you’re at your best, and you figure your best bet to move in the direction of self-actualization is to work on your body first. But then, the question immediately presents itself – can you afford to be healthy? It’s an odd question, but one worth considering before you decide that you’re going to adjust your life in a healthier direction.

One way or another, you need cash to get healthy. So what are some ways to do this, without making more money at your job? Consider taking out a loan, talking to friends and family, selling your bad habits, canceling your distractions, or joining a health sales club.

Take Out a Loan

There’s no shame in taking out a personal loan in order to start working toward getting healthy. Exercise equipment is expensive. Gym memberships are expensive. Healthy food is expensive. As long as you plan on leveraging your health to make more money eventually, it’s really no big deal to get a quick financial shot to get you started.

Talk To Friends and Family

Borrowing money from friends and family, especially when it comes to investing in your health and fitness, is also no big deal. Your family should want you to be your best self. Your friends should want to see you in shape. Borrowing some cash in order to get started on your personal challenge is a good goal, and it might even inspire them to get healthy as well! You can challenge each other to stay on point when it comes to things like exercise and nutrition.

Selling Your Bad Habits

Sometimes in order to have the money to be healthy, you can double down on your effort by getting rid of unhealthy habits in a way that benefits you financially. In order words, if you have things that allow you to keep yourself in a stupor, sell them! Make an eBay account and get some money for expunging items in your life that prevent your fitness goals.

Canceling Your Distractions

Sometimes your worst enemy, when it comes to health, are distractions. Sometimes this is cable. Sometimes this is social media. Whatever your curse of time is, cancel it. Get rid of it. Remove it from your existence. It can feel difficult, but it will totally be worth it in the end!

Joining a Health Sales Club

And finally, there are countless opportunity to sell health foods or supplements, with the benefit that you can buy them yourself for a discount, or make a living for yourself from the sales that you make. You’ve probably passed by thousands of introductions to these methods just in the past year. Pick one that suits your personality, and see if you can make it work for you!