High Alert – Cyclobenzaprine Abuse and Treatment


The DEA reports that there were over twenty-five million prescriptions written for cyclobenzaprine in 2011, which might be a common treatment prescribed for back-pain. Flexeril comes in tablet form.Designed for the short term reduction of discomfort and restricted movement which may be triggered by muscle spasms. Here cyclobenzaprine based combination act as an excellent central nervous system muscle relaxer which will stop hyperactive nerve firings that could cause muscles. However, using the Cyclobenzaprine high dosagecan cause lot of problems at later stages.

Anytime somebody is using a prescription drug with no prescription, or past the scope of a prescription that was legitimate, it’s considered drug abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that more than 52-million Americans aged 12 and over have abused a prescription drug one or even more times in existence. Illicit ones might not appear safer than prescription drugs. All medicines act on organic chemicals in mind, nevertheless, and abusing them can lead to addiction including some significant Cyclobenzaprine high dosage cases.

When abused, cyclobenzaprine might have a sedative and calming impact and possibly even trigger a euphoric high. Flexeril could be abused orally, combined with other medicines, easily dissolved in alcohol, or crushed to be snorted. It may not be hard as it’s not labeled by the DEA as a controlled substance to acquire.

Treatment needs to be multi-faceted and customized to every individual. Drug dependence is usually handled with medical detoxification. The psychological and behavioral factors of addiction and drug abuse are often treated with team and therapies and individual counseling sessions which work to enhance coping mechanisms, communication abilities, self-confidence, and psychological wellness.

One can easily avoid the dependency by obtaining right line of treatment including the rehabilitation therapy, which is quite common these days and easily accessible.