How a fetal Doppler monitor works


Are you feeling the urge to hear your baby inside the womb? Do you want to figure out the baby is healthy and fine? Then a baby kick counter bracelet or a fetal Doppler heart beat could be of immense help. A special bond is being formulated with the unborn. The baby kick monitor will give you an assurance that the baby is safe as with the device you can hear the heartbeat of your new born baby as early as 10 to 12 weeks.

So what is a Doppler fetal monitor? First and foremost it happens to be an ultrasound device where the heartbeat of your baby is measured and this could be as early as 10 weeks of your pregnancy. This technology has been in use ever since the 1950’s which is a safe medium to get information about the unborn babies. Ever since its use there has been no adverse report which has emerged out of the use of this technology.

With the use of heartbeat monitor, the Doppler Effect can go on to hear the heartbeat of the baby. An alteration in the pitch of a sound when it moves close to the listener is the core concept of this device. In a lot of ways it can be used as a train whistle when it becomes louder as it reaches the listener and once the train moves away the sound becomes lower. In fact the Doppler effect, not only goes on to provide an audio sound to the baby, but a digital presentation of the heart rate in Beats per minute is presented. In many medical applications many doctors have been using the home Doppler Effect. This technology finds its use mostly in surgical applications. It is an ultrasound technology which is based on the principle, that if you send out a frequency, it reflects back on the object and it is send back to you at a measurable frequency. In order to find things inside your body, the speed of the sound is being measured with the returning frequency into account.

This type of ultrasound technology is being used in navy ships that you find in the oceans. With the formation of a sound embedded technology, is used to figure out underwater projects. In the same manner the ultrasound technology is being applied a sound wave frequency is being send. It bounces off the baby, whereby an image is being displayed on the computer screen.

But one of the major problems with a home Doppler device you would need to probe it in the correct direction. If the sound is not audible, that does not mean that the baby is not alive. It would indicate that you are probing in the correct direction or the position of the baby is not proper. Sometimes you can hear the heartbeat of your baby as that of your own. Numerous instances have been reported where mothers have mistaken their heartbeat with that of the babies.