How a Root Canal Procedure Can Help Achieve Better Oral Health

Oral Health

Having sound oral health is a goal for many, as no one wants crooked, inflamed, or dead teeth in their mouth. Currently, many methods exist to deal with such kinds of teeth. However, the most common one appreciated by many is a root canal that begins with cleaning and later a filling procedure that will let you eat normally after an experience with a dental cavity. Dr. Eliaz Kaufman in New York carries out the procedure and more to help get your dental health in check.

What is the role of root canal procedures?

Root canals are essential dental procedures that you have to consider whenever you have a cavity. The procedure will allow you to bite into food and chew it to the required size after having a cavity. Though the procedure is associated with fear, especially of going to the dentist, it is one of the safest and most preferred methods for keeping your dental health in check after you have a cavity. East Village Dental Center offers the procedure in a comfortable environment that ensures you can chew without any pain. Therefore, it is essential to note that the procedure helps you avoid pain better than having no procedure at all.

The procedure begins with a visit to East Village Dental Center, where your dentist will remove soft tissues in the pulp. However, before this critical process, you will receive an x-ray to determine the extent of damage to your teeth. The next step involves numbing, which helps keep you calm, then a drill creates a deep hole inside the affected tooth.

The hole helps remove the damaged tissues slowly, which will happen over a few appointments. Your dentist will then clean the affected area and cover the hole with dental fillings to avoid re-infection.

Is a root canal necessary?

The answer to this question is up to you. However, it is vital to have your cavity cleaned and covered to prevent future infections and damage to your jawbone. Some issues that should push you to a root canal include:

  •         Dark-colored gums
  •         Pimples on the gums
  •         Pain when you are eating
  •         Inflamed gums
  •         Pus in your gums
  •         Bleeding in your gums, noticeable while brushing

Various issues make your teeth susceptible to damage. Such issues include a significant impact on your teeth, a cracked tooth, or even chipped teeth. These issues are the pointers that you should have your teeth checked with a subsequent root canal to solve those issues.

What should you expect in the recovery period of a root canal?

Soon after the root canal, the pain due to your cavity will disappear. However, as the procedure heals gradually, you will feel some discomfort that dissipates after a while. Your dentist might prescribe painkillers to help calm you for a few weeks after the root canal.

Dental cavities or other mouth issues can cause you a lot of distress. However, with a partnership with East Village Dental Center, you can achieve a turnaround that will make you appreciate your dental health. Begin your journey to better oral health by calling the center or making your appointment online.