How A Woman’s Body Changes During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is known as a time of a woman’s life that brings her joy and worry. She feels joy for giving birth to a new life, and worry about the health of the woman as well as growing baby. However, nature has made such mechanism that the body automatically prepares itself for the growing baby and there are a lot of changes one can see in the woman’s body in these days. In the first trimester only the woman who is pregnant can notice the changes, but from the second trimester, these changes are visible to others as well.

Here are such changes that the woman’s body faces in this period:

  • Increasing weight: With the increasing size of the fetus the weight of the woman also increases. The increase in weight can also be seen as there can be visible fat on face and hands as well as other areas of the body.
  • Glowing face: The hormonal changes bring glow on the face of a woman. The more blood runs, and as a result, the skin of the body can be seen glowing.
  • Increasing belly: Over a period, with the development of the baby inside the womb leads to expansion of uterus that leads to a big belly. It is a clear sign of pregnancy to others as well.
  • Shortness of breath: With the devilment of the baby as it needs oxygen, the mother to be, has to take more breaths that can be seen as a shortness of her breath in these days. As the body needs more oxygen, she has to take more breaths.
  • Leg cramps: leg cramps and feel of moving legs at any moment is something new that one can feel these days. This is viewed as the deficiency of potassium and iron. Hence one needs to take proper supplements and make necessary changes to reduce the cramps in legs. Usually, this is the symptom one feels at night.
  • Backache: With the development of fetus the belly size increases which moves the body center of gravity. This leads to a terrible backache and with the increase of the belly the backache also increases and lasts till the delivery of the baby.
  • Heartburn, Gas, and constipation: Due to the pressure of developed fetus over the period the digestion system gets disturbed which leads to heartburn and gas trouble. The stomach acid refluxes in the throat due to the pressure on the stomach.  Due to the gas trouble, the constipation is also an obvious trouble caused during pregnancy. One can go for some over the counter options or any stool softener to counter constipation.
  • Increase in Breast size: One can see the change in the size of the breasts during pregnancy which is a visible change. One can feel tenderness in the breasts and change in the colors of nipples. Sometimes one can also notice the breast milk flowing out which early form of the same and is known as colostrum.

Hence while the baby is developing inside the womb, the body of the woman gets changed that can help her prepare for the coming days.


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