How Can Teeth Sealing help you Protect Your Teeth


Do you know how it feels like to have damaged teeth and not being able to eat properly? In order to prevent all of this, it is recommended to protect permanent teeth with the help of teeth cleaning and minimize the risk of developing caries provided by thunder bay dentists.

How is the procedure of teeth sealing being performed?

Teeth sealing is done completely painlessly and without the use of those “terrible” dental tools that scare every patient. Before the seals are being implanted, the teeth are cleaned and sealed with a composite material. The color of the seal corresponds to the color of the teeth and does not disturb the aesthetics of the teeth. Teeth sealing is a short procedure and it involves cleaning the surface of the teeth, in order to remove all the remains of food from the teeth making sure that the tooth is prepared for sealing. In almost every professional dental office, dentists also work with pre-treatment with ozone in order to eliminate all bacteria and to minimize the possibility of developing caries. The procedure of teeth sealing is recommended immediately after growing the first permanent teeth (the age of 6).

 Indications for teeth sealing:

1. Children and teenagers – immediately after growing the first permanent molars (6 years), and in the period when they are most prone to the development of caries 6-16 years old.

2. Adults – the surface of teeth that has deep fissures and complex morphology.

3. Baby teeth – Occasionally it is done if teeth have deep fissures, complex morphology and if they are prone to caries development.

What happens after teeth sealing?

The habit of maintaining oral hygiene is acquired in childhood and, therefore, it is important that parents give enough attention to the motivation of the child and the teaching of oral hygiene measures. After the growth of the first teeth, the child can start to brush their teeth. It is recommended for the parents to assist the first few times until the child learns how to brush their teeth properly, and after the child’s brushing, they extract all the teeth completely, especially their toothy teeth. It is recommended that they do this until the age of six when the teeth begin to seal. After the teeth are sewn, it is recommended to come in regular controls every 4-6 months to control the seals and to prevent the development of caries. With this, the child is spared from all the pain and unpleasant experiences associated with tooth diseases. Adequate oral hygiene, balanced nutrition and regular visits to the dentist will help in the durability of teeth seal. Teeth sealing can protect teeth from caries for many years.

It is important to take this procedure very seriously and let your child know how good it is to maintain their oral health. If there is something more you need to know, make sure you visit or call a dentist who will explain this procedure to you.

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