How Important is Nutrition for Athletes?


It is imperative for each individual surviving in this world to have proper nutrition intake. However, considering the athletes, in particular, the food intake has a direct effect on their performance. An athlete requires more calories compared to a normal person. Nutrition tends to be on the top on their priority list. However, it is imperative to understand how diet affects the performance and why is it important to ensure proper nutrition intake:


The healthy fats, proteins, and mainly carbohydrates work as a fuel of energy in the body. The carbohydrates regulate the blood sugar and glycogen level in the muscles to prevent muscle fatigue. Moreover, it is never wise enough to restrict the intake of fat in your diet. The body needs fatty acids to use it as an energy source especially when your activity is longer than an hour. A registered dietician and professor from Colorado State University states that the fats can offer 75% of the energy endurance that an athlete needs. Further, the proteins are again essential for the energy to the body. They help in forming new tissues. A higher resistance training requires huge protein consumption.


Dehydration can put your sports performance at risk. One has to make sure that he stays hydrated while working out or participating in a sports event. One can get dehydrated in any type of environment, the hot and humid climate being the extreme dehydrating conditions. Thus, water intake should be monitored. The water helps transport the nutrients to your body. It also provides a musculoskeletal lubrication to the body. It is the usual source of staying hydrated. However, intense workouts and physical activities might require you to have a sports drink in order to replace the lost electrolytes.

Weight Control

As we all know a proper nutrition is imperative to stay healthy, it is also the central fact that helps one maintain a healthy weight. Especially for the females, weight is a huge issue in athletics. If you plan to reduce your weight by reducing the consumption of fats and proteins, there is an adverse effect of the food on your performance. One has to add up high fibre vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits in their diet to ensure intake of healthy nutrients. The athletes are always recommended to have low-fat dairy products and lean protein sources of food. One is advised to visit the Icon Meal Reviews to get a perfect idea about the same.

A good nutrition post your game

Winning or losing are a different concern. Both the situations require an athlete to concentrate on the nutritional concerns after the match. It is important to prioritize your nutrition to ensure you do not lose energy in the body. One should meet the fluid needs during the event and specifically after the event to avoid dehydration. In addition, studies show that post your game; one should consume high sodium containing food. One can consider cheese, soup, and pretzels in such cases. Other nutritious foods one should ponder are apples, bananas, and whole grain bagels.

An athlete requires a proper nutrition in order to maintain the energy for his performance. Due to the daily workouts and practice sessions, it is imperative to intake high calories compared to an average person. Moreover, possibilities are likely to make the individual feel dehydrated if proper water intake in not considered. A good game is possible with an immense practice. But to have a good practice and ensure no shortfalls, nutrition is the prime requirement for an athlete. Be it an athlete or any sports person; nutrition should always be a priority.