How To Best Enjoy Your Bowl Of Noodles


Noodles are staple dishes in some cultures and countries. In fact, there are numerous ways to prepare it that it should already have its own food group. Noodles are not only full of flavors but are also healthy. In a bowl, you can already find carbohydrates, protein and other vitamins and minerals that are found in the toppings such as vegetable. You can say that noodle dishes are already a complete meal. Eating alone is already an enjoyable action. Eating noodles is another transcendent experience. If you don’t know how to enjoy your bowl of noodles in a halal Chinese restaurant, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Eat The Noodles Correctly Or According To Your Preference

Just like any other food, people have different ways to enjoy their food. Sometimes, people eat one ingredient at a time while others enjoy eating it at different times in small amounts. For you to appreciate your noodles, eat it the way you want to.

However, there are noodle dishes, such as the ramen, wherein there is a right way to eat it. You have to start with the noodle. It will draw up all the different flavors in the bowl, so prepare your taste buds for it. Then you have to coat it again with the broth before bringing the noodles back into your mouth, by doing this, you are allowing the flavors of the broth to seep into the noodles.

Eat Fast

Noodles are hot and are very absorbent. Therefore you have to eat your noodles fast, and five minutes is the most ideal time of consuming it. When you eat slowly, you will let the noodles soak in too much broth and it will no longer taste as good.

Forget Everything Except Your Noodles

Eating is a personal experience so you have to enjoy time alone with your noodles. Forget everything for a while and just concentrate on eating your noodles. This allows you to appreciate, enjoy and personally get to know every single flavor in your bowl. Noodles are well-known for the numerous flavors and are a representation of one’s culture. Take time to taste these world famous flavors and have a glimpse of the culture in the food.

Do Not Be Shy To Slurp

In Asian countries where noodles are the staple food, slurping is considered to be a compliment to the chef’s effort in cooking and is also the most ideal way to enjoy your noodles. So next time you find yourself eating noodles too quiet, don’t be shy and just slurp away.

Use The Right Utensils

Noodles are best eaten using the right utensils, and chopsticks are the perfect utensils to use. It holds the noodles in place and does not create a mess, unlike using spoon wherein you still have to cut and be really careful when you are putting it in your mouth because the noodles slip. Spoons can be used for the soup of the noodles or you can just slurp the soup from the bowl, which is way more fun to do.

Do Not Forget The Spices

Just like any other food, noodle dishes are very flexible. You can alter the taste according to your own preference. In this way, you can truly enjoy your noodles if it tastes just right for you.

Don’t Think About The Weather

In Western countries, noodles are preferred to be eaten during cold or rainy months. While this is not wrong, noodles can be eaten anytime and any season. You can enjoy a bowl of noodles regardless of the weather outside.

Eat While It’s Hot

Not really hot, but eat it when you can tolerate the warmth of the soup. In this way, you will taste the different flavors better and enjoy the broth of the noodles. Also, when noodles get cold, it also turns soggy and can lessen the palatability of the food.

Eat Everything

Every single ingredient and topping in a noodle bowl contributes to the total taste of the dish, therefore, you will better appreciate the flavors if you eat everything in your bowl and leave nothing uneaten.

You can find a lot of noodle dish choices when you visit a halal Chinese restaurant. Follow these tips and you will surely be able to enjoy your order even more.