How to Deal with Anxiety When Seeing an Oral Surgeon

Oral Surgeon

When getting oral surgery, you are likely to feel anxious due to your experiences or the media’s stigma towards dental procedures. However, you do not need to worry as you can learn some preparation techniques that can make the visit successful. You can start by searching for terms such as an oral surgeon in Alexandria who can effectively handle the dental procedures. You can refer to online reviews about specific dental surgeons to know if they are good at managing their patients. Board-certified dentists are more likely to handle any oral surgery procedures professionally, and it would be wise to see board-certified ones. Here are preparation tips you can apply when seeing a dentist.

Gather the Necessary Information

Before deciding on the date to get the oral surgery, you can schedule time with your dentist to understand why they suggest the procedures. They can inform you about the benefits and risks of the dental procedure and what will happen if you choose not to undergo surgery. Ask questions to get the right answers which will ease the anxiety related to oral surgery.

During the Operation Go with a Designated Driver

You will likely get sedation such as nitrous oxide, and it will be best to have someone else drive you home. The anesthesia used during oral surgery can reduce your judgment skills, making it unsafe to operate your vehicle. It is wise to have a loved one drive you, but if you cannot find someone you trust, you can order an Uber or take public transport. You can also wait in your doctor’s office until the effects of the sedation reduce before heading home.

Abstain from Eating a Day before the Oral Surgery

If you eat before getting the oral surgery, you risk getting aspiration which is a condition the contents of the gut spills to the lungs leading to complications. Moreover, when taking medications during the night before surgery, you can take little water sips.

Wear Short Sleeve Shirts

Short sleeve shirts will expose your hands and help your nurse monitor your symptoms. Moreover, the IV anesthesia will be fitted on your hands, and it could be wise to reduce cloth cover that might get in the way of the dentist.

Give Yourself Time

It is wise to arrive ahead of time, as it helps soothe anxiety. You can relax before heading in for the oral surgery and have time to fill in last-minute paperwork. The nurse will also take your vitals adequately when you arrive at the hospital on time. Moreover, if you still have questions you need to be answered, arriving earlier allows you to clear all the questions.

The Bottom Line

The key to kicking anxiety when seeing a surgeon for oral issues is to stay informed and know the procedure’s benefits and disadvantages and what happens when you choose not to get the procedure. If you have questions concerning oral procedures asking a dental surgeon will help clear your mind and ease anxiety. Moreover, you should arrive at the dentist’s office on time and let someone drive you home as you might have poor judgment due to anesthesia used during the oral procedure.